Occupy Christmas

International Day of Action – December 25

Bank Transfer Day – Nov. 5

November 5 - Bank Transfer Day

Instead of continuing to fuel the preditorial big banking institution which takes government ‘loans’ but can’t seem to pay them back, why not put your money into local credit unions?  Why not send a clear message while helping your own community rather than the faceless international greed factory?

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Protesters now Armed

When reading about armed protesters involved in various Occupy gatherings, ask yourself if you have heard about these armed protesters on the evening news.  Oddly, even Fox News which seems intent on painting Occupy in the worst possible light does not seem interested in letting its viewers know what dangerous grounds we now tread.

Claiming Second Amendment rights protect First Amendment rights, J.T. Ready and other members of the militia group US Border Guard have been patrolling Occupy Phoenix with loaded AR15 assault rifles.  These are virtually the same weapons carried by many police officers.  An example of the weapon can be seen in the hands of a police officer at Occupy Denver (click here).  Although Second Amendment rights were affirmed by the Bill of Rights in part to protect First Amendment rights, one must question the logic and course of the decision to go armed to a peaceful protest when tensions between police and protesters are already taxed.  Just what would happen if the police at Occupy Denver (guns raised) were to encounter the armed militia group of Occupy Phoenix?

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Walmart cuts Health Care

Walmart claims it caters to the 99%.  With very short sight, maybe they do.  Their prices are lower than most stores, but one must wonder what the true cost of Walmart goods really are.  Excluding the government itself, Walmart is the single largest employer in the United States.  Recently that largest employer announced that it will be eliminating health care for new part time employees and cutting benefits for its full-time employees. 

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Police raise Guns – Occupy Denver

AR15 / M16 pointed at photo taker

At Occupy Denver, taking a photo might get you shot by police.  Although police claim to be using great restraint, this photo shows a completely different story.  While 15 people were being arrested for illegal camping, an officer levels his / her assault weapon at the person taking this photo.


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