Occupy Christmas

International Day of Action – December 25

Occupy Department of Education (ODE)

Occupy Christmas because our children are the future.  Should that future be led only by the children of the elite 1%?  By the children of parents who can afford to provide a proper K-12 education?  Should not public schools be forced to provide the same quality in education as private schools?  Why is it that grossly overpaid politicians determine the grossly low salary of most public school teachers?  Should the 1% be allowed to dictate the educational quality for the 99%?

Monday, November 7th saw Occupy Wall Street participants aim their boots and march on the Department of Education.  According to many involved in Occupy the Department of Education (Occupy DOE) that is exactly how education is managed in New York City.  According to protesters on the steps of the Department of Education in New York City, the Mayor Bloomberg’s mayoral control of schools is tightly linked to the underline message behind Occupy Wall street.  That message being that the elite 1% should not control the laws and lives of the 99%. Read more »

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World Wide Strike 11/11/11

World Wide Strike 11-11-11
World Wide Strike announced for 11/11/11

As a very new action with only a tiny number of followers (likes) the World Wide Strike  planned for November 11, 2011 seems, on the surface, unlikely to be very large.  As of 2 PM EST on November 8, 2011 it can boast only 78 likes on its Facebook Page (1).  That said, it is another cobblestone in the road to change.  In this case, the obvious desire change is an “End [to] police brutality against peaceful protesters.” (1)


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Traders taunt protesters.

Occupy Chicago is a bit different than other Occupied cities in that there is no central encampment.  Instead, protesters are permitted to express themselves in a relatively narrow corridor.  Within that corridor is the Chicago Board of Trade building.  In response to the ongoing protest for economic fairness, traders within that building have made their opinion of the movement known with signs in the windows which read “We are the 1%”.  While that message does not instantly convey how they feel about the protesters and the 99%, the photocopies they have dropped on the movement have made a clear statement.

First fliers were dropped from the 8th floor which read: “We are the 1% paying for this” (1)

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