Occupy Christmas

International Day of Action – December 25

Taking Back the Christmas Tree

For years we have been told to save trees. Believing the hype, we have switched our Christmas tree choice from natural to plastic. It seemed like a logical decision at the time. After all, we don’t want to run out of trees do we? Guess what, they grow back. In fact, the great majority of Christmas trees sold were grown specifically for that purpose. During that life cycle, they take carbon out of the air, put oxygen into that air, and generally improve the atmosphere and soil. Once used, they can provide valuable mulch intentionally or they turn into mulch all on their own if discarded in the woods. If they are burnt, they release no more carbon into the atmosphere than they removed during their life cycle. Plastic, on the other hand, well I do not think I need to tell you what its toll on our ecosystem is. So why did the natural, living Christmas tree receive such a bad rap?

1 – Drying Pine needles present a distinct fire hazard.

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Boycott Black Friday

Huge corporate retailers have decided Black Friday is more important than Thanksgiving (see Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday), but consumers are starting to reconsider the mad dash to after Thanksgiving savings. Even the press has joined in on pointing to the detrimental effect huge retailers create with their Black Friday madness. The call to Boycott Black Friday is no longer confined to Facebook and blogs; it has entered into the main stream press.

“So when Black Friday comes, do yourself — and workers at big-box stores — a favor. Stay at home. You’ll save some money and gas and maybe start to discourage merchants from pushing their workers beyond the edge.” Marlys Harris of CBS News (1)

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