Occupy Christmas

International Day of Action – December 25

Baby Miracle and the First Two Occupy Related Deaths

Jennifer Fox says her unborn child was no more than three months along when it was killed by police. Some readers might wonder why we would call her child “Baby Miracle”. Because that is what Jennifer Fox said she choose to name the child she wanted to bring into this word.

“It hurts. It’s upsetting. I was ready to have a kid, because my family was going to support me in taking care of the child. Her name was going to be Miracle.” – Jennifer Fox(1)

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Where did it start?

Occupy Christmas: Where did it start?

We are a small homesteading family living in the foot hills of Kentucky. We are so far and removed from the ground forces of the revolution that our only connection to the Internet is a lap top tethered to a droid telephone. We may have been one of the first to use the specific term “Occupy Christmas”, we were obviously the first to register the .org url, but we are far from the spark that started it all. Let’s face it, concern for the over commercialization of this holiday season has been around since more years than most of us can remember.

This can be seen by the many, many wonderful people and efforts being made at Facebook and on other social media networks.  We would list them here, but there are so many efforts and more each day that any list would be incomplete.  Please visit Facebook.com and search on the term Occupy Christmas to find the many other efforts being made. Read more »

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