Occupy Christmas

International Day of Action – December 25

Thank You – 722 Visitors Yesterday

In a few minutes, my family and I will be off to the annual Dickens Christmas Festival in our area. There, we hope to complete our holiday shopping with the local merchants, crafts folk, and artists who will be showing and selling wares. Before we leave, I wanted to say thank you to our readers and the kind press coverage we have received thus far. Our message is certainly getting out there and we have started plans for larger related projects next year.

Yesterday was the busiest day at OccupyChristmas.org thus far. In addition to being visited by 722 unique IP addresses, that excludes spiders and bots, Ashley completed a very nice interview with a branch of the Canadian press. Her answers, as usual, were right on the money. We will be posting the various interviews shortly. Via email today, I networked with more veterans and police officers who support the Occupy movement. Facebook shares are up, comments are starting to come in, email have been heartwarming, and the press is starting to notice the difference between Occupy Christmas (our little faction) and #OccupyXmas (Adbusters faction). So to what do we owe this success?

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Freedom of Speech – Void where prohibited by law

I hate Kentucky Fried Chicken for their cruelty to animals. Woops, there I go again breaking the law. You say it is illegal in most states to say something that is true if doing so might interfere with commerce. The principle of law which makes this so is called Tortious Interference. (1) In 1793, the application of this principle made sense. In the case Tarleton v. McGawley, the defendant fired a cannon from his ship the Othello at potential customers of another trading vessel. U.S. law has come a long way from the days when Tortious Interference dealt with the firing of cannons. Today, it is applied to statements made in blogs. Although you might think I am speaking of something similar to slander or liable, tortious Interference is now applicable to entirely truthful statements.

Consider the case of Jerry Moore vs. John (Johnny Northside) Hoff. As reported by The Star Tribune, Jerry Moore was a community leader linked to a high-profile mortgage fraud. (2) Moore, the former director of the Jordan Area Community Council, took great exception to a post John Hoff made in his blog. Because the statements made were truthful, Moore could not sue for deformation or the likes, he turned to the principles of Tortious Interference. (3)

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Canada becomes the 51st U.S. State

Like most presidents have in the past, President Barack Obama made statements and promises during his campaign which he did not live up to while in office. One of those promises was that he aspired to a transparent government. Why then has there been a fundamental change in border and police policy without little more than a mention? Previously, we pointed to the fundamental shift in the role of the U.S. military. Where previously, the US military was responsible for protecting U.S. boarders, today it has been deployed within the United States for riot and crowd control. Thanks to the National Defense Authorization Act, civil rights have effective been suspended in the United States. If a US citizen is suspected of being a subversive, s/he can be arrested and held indefinitely without the right to a lawyer, court, or judge.

On the heels of the fundamental shift in the function of the U.S. military, an agreement has been struck between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama. Created behind closed doors, that agreement grants armed U.S. law enforcement agents to operate north of U.S. border. In addition to sharing arrest authority on both sides of the shared border, the agreement will result in the generation of shared lists of all persons not only crossing the U.S. / Canadian border but all persons exiting or entering either country. As a U.S. citizen, if you visit Mexico your government will notify Canada. As a Canadian citizen, if you visit Germany your government will notify the United States. (1)

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