Occupy Christmas

International Day of Action – December 25



Epenezer Scrooge

OccupyChristmas.org is as grass roots as it gets.  This web site was set up by our tech guy who maintains it from a tiny homestead in the foot hills of Kentucky.  There, the only connection to the Internet is from a laptop tethered to an Android smartphone on the Verison network.  Why Verison?  Because it is the only carrier that happens to have a cell tower close enough to the homestead.  We have no sponsors.  We ask for no donations other than the occasional boost to the folk hosting the site.  In short, we make no money from this effort.

So when a reader pointed out that Google had ranked us number one for the term ‘Occupy Christmas’ we were not only flattered but amazed.

OccupyChristmas.org is one glimpse of a growing movement which has taken on the title “Occupy Christmas”.  The message of that movement being kin to the message behind Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  While we stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in hoping for a community whose democracy is not subverted with corporate cash, we are not the pre-epipheny Ebenezer Scrooge.  Just the opposite.

We encourage gift giving and hope you will consider local artists, crafts people, and merchants.

We encourage our readers to spend more time with their family this and future holiday seasons.

We encourage hand crafts and artistic expression.  We encourage gifts of love.

We do not ask that our readers “boycott” or “protest” Christmas.  We ask that our readers “occupy” Christmas.  We ask that our readers take Christmas back from the clutches of corporate greed.  You see corporate greed has not taken Christmas away by force.  We have given it away of our own free choice.  The Occupy Christmas movements believes we can take it back in the same manner.

OccupyChristmas.org is not the whole of the Occupy Christmas movement any more than we are the author of A Christmas Carol.  However, our message is very similar to other efforts using the term Occupy Christmas.  Examples include the many Facebook efforts of which we have no control.  In order of their google ranking for the term “Occupy Christmas” we see:

#1 -Occupy Christmas on Facebook (one of many) asks readers to consider where their holiday shopping money goes and what it does.  See http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Christmas/236907349699891

#2 – Occupy Christmas (Creatively) – “In the spirit of Occupy Wallstreet I have created this page to encourage people to make Christmas presents instead of buying them”.  See http://www.facebook.com/SunnyDuPree

We are not #OccupyXmas

With much respect for all who protest against the corporate control of democracy, we are not #OccupyXmas or even Occupy the Holidays (if such a movement exists).  We seek a return to a more simple Christmas season because we feel that is the first step in a return to a more simple economy.  That, we believe, is the best way to address the current global economic problems.