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Posted by troublemaker on October 31, 2011

November 5 - Bank Transfer Day

Instead of continuing to fuel the preditorial big banking institution which takes government ‘loans’ but can’t seem to pay them back, why not put your money into local credit unions?  Why not send a clear message while helping your own community rather than the faceless international greed factory?

Reportedly the protest idea originated with Kristen Christian reportedly hatched the idea after becoming dissatisfied with Bank of America.   The idea seems be spreading like wildfire.  Bank Transfer day has now been endorsed by videos reportedly released by Anonymous and is promoted strongly by many members of the Occupy movement.

Credit Unions not Big Banks – The concept is simple, before or on November 5th (Guy Fawkes day) 2011, transfer or otherwise move any money you have with Big Banking institutions and move them to not for profit Credit Unions.  The date was chosen in association with the attempted violent overthrow of the English government by Guy Fawkes and others on November 5, 1605.  One can also see symbolic connections to the underline plot of the movie Fight Club.  Although this boycott has nothing to do with that movie’s physical attack on the banking institution, it seems logical to believe that a financial attack would be just as effective if not more.

You can make a difference.
Maybe not by yourself, but as part of a collective which sends a clear message that enough is enough.

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