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Protesters now Armed

Posted by troublemaker on October 31, 2011

When reading about armed protesters involved in various Occupy gatherings, ask yourself if you have heard about these armed protesters on the evening news.  Oddly, even Fox News which seems intent on painting Occupy in the worst possible light does not seem interested in letting its viewers know what dangerous grounds we now tread.

Claiming Second Amendment rights protect First Amendment rights, J.T. Ready and other members of the militia group US Border Guard have been patrolling Occupy Phoenix with loaded AR15 assault rifles.  These are virtually the same weapons carried by many police officers.  An example of the weapon can be seen in the hands of a police officer at Occupy Denver (click here).  Although Second Amendment rights were affirmed by the Bill of Rights in part to protect First Amendment rights, one must question the logic and course of the decision to go armed to a peaceful protest when tensions between police and protesters are already taxed.  Just what would happen if the police at Occupy Denver (guns raised) were to encounter the armed militia group of Occupy Phoenix?

Phoenix isn’t the only city to see protesters with assault weapons at the ready.  Occupy Atlanta was lawfully violating park rules by camping over night because Atlanta Mayor issued an executive order allowing them to do so.  This lasted until the mayor became aware of a protester who was armed with an AK47.  Although the open carry of a firearm is perfectly legal in Atlanta, the mayor withdrew his executive order fearing the worse.  Although I do not agree with his decision, I too fear for the worse.

As if high tension between police and protesters have been deliberately orchestrated, literature was reportedly discovered at Occupy Phoenix which asks “When should you shoot a cop?”  In response to what was probably the actions of a single individual, the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center issued a bulletin warning every law enforcement officer in the state. 

Reading the literature reportedly found at Occupy Phoenix, I can understand why police would be concerned.  Could this really be the opinion of large numbers of the protesters?  Reading the bulletin issued by the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center, I would surly believe the literature was more than an Internet hoax. 

On the other hand, looking down the barrel of the AR15 that a Denver police officer aimed at the picture taker, I do find myself wondering when in fact a person should shoot a police officer.  The obvious answer is before s/he shoots you.  I imagine police officers are asking themselves the same question of the protesters. 

We are smoking a cigarette while standing in a puddle of gasoline.


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