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Walmart cuts Health Care

Posted by troublemaker on October 31, 2011

Walmart claims it caters to the 99%.  With very short sight, maybe they do.  Their prices are lower than most stores, but one must wonder what the true cost of Walmart goods really are.  Excluding the government itself, Walmart is the single largest employer in the United States.  Recently that largest employer announced that it will be eliminating health care for new part time employees and cutting benefits for its full-time employees. 

One must ask, if Walmart’s employees are part of the 99% just who is it they cater to?

“We’re here today to let the people at Occupy Wall Street know that Walmart’s associates stand with them; we are the 99%” said Los Angeles-based Walmart worker Girshriela Green in a prepared statement. “For too long, Walmart has pushed its associates around and it’s time we got the dignity and respect we deserve.”

In response to the protest against Walmart by participants of Occupy Wall Street, a Walmart spokesperson reportedly stated: “[The protesters are] particularly misguided given the fact that Walmart is focused on serving the ‘99%.’”

From:  http://www.crainsnewyork.com/article/20111020/LABOR_UNIONS/111029993#ixzz1cKUGCfAk

It is true that Walmart serves the 99%.  There is a story in Judeo Christian scripture concerning Moses freeing the Jews from Egypt.  There was a point where the former slaves wanted to return to Egyptian slavery because it was easier to be kept.  Walmart serves the 99% as did Pharaoh serve the Jews.  The question is, do you want to be kept?  Do you want to be a slave?

 The true price of shopping at Walmart is a lower standard of living for that 99%.  While the savings might seem to provide instant satisfaction, like crack and other street  drugs that high fades quickly and becomes addicting.  The solution is to send a clear message to this huge category killer.  This Christmas, ignore their sales.  This Christmas, ignore Walmart.

Occupy Christmas, not Walmart

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