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Child Seized in Dallas

Posted by troublemaker on November 5, 2011

Just in time for Christmas, CPS decided parenting in tents is an immediate threat to children.  Zachariah Carpich (9 months old) was seized the care of his parents Brian and Cathy Carpich by Children’s Protective Services.  The claim by CPS and police seems to be that an Occupy encampment is no place for children.   Police claim the child was crying one evening. (1)  True, at least one registered sex offender was arrested at the Dallas occupy encampment but this is also true of many neighborhoods in the United States.  Likely also true is the accusation that Zachariah was crying.  Children do cry. 

According to Brian and Cathy Carpich, a case worker claimed their son was seized because the encampment is an “unhealthy living environment”. (2)  This despite the couple claiming their tent was heated and the child had diapers and other essentials.  One is forced to wonder exactly what it is that CPS consideres an “unhealthy living environment”.  While it does seem likely that a child would better be raised in a house or apartment rather than a tent, are we really living in a time when our government will separate parents and children because the parents have fallen on tough economic times? 

The couple claimers it is already on a waiting list for assistance: “We’re already in a program for housing,” (2) but that those efforts will now be foiled by the seizure of their son Zachariah.  Thus begins the vicious cycle.  The couple may not have their child back until they have a home.  They may not receive assistance with housing until they have their child back.

Across the country, accusations that CPS is a corrupt agency have been made long before the Occupy movement has taken to our city parks.  Thus far, Occupy has ignored the government’s unconstitutional intrusions into family life. Perhaps that is about to change.  Please consider the following facts.

This child (and many others) was “seized” without warrant, court order, or any sense of due process.  There was no immediate danger cited, no abuse, no eminent danger to the child.  While it is the responsibility of our government to protect its people, especially its children, we live in a country which began with the recognition of innate rights.  Rights which are now ignored by Children’s Protective Services who seem to think they know better than parents what is right for a child.  Statistics show otherwise.  With the support of armed police officers, children are routinely taken from their parents without court order.

Certainly conditions exist where a child should be seized without court order.  Those conditions are called exigent circumstances.  They are instances where a child is in such danger where normal court proceedings are skipped to protect the child.  A good example would be clear evidence of beatings.  Are we now going to add community assisted camping to the list of things which present a clear and eminent danger to the welfare of a child?

Take action. Use your First Amendment Rights.  Let them know how you feel.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

701 W. 51st Street
Austin, Texas 78751
By Telephone: 1-800-720-7777

On the Internet at: http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/

Dear CPS, Occupy your own damn Children



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2. – Pat Dollard

2 Responses to “Child Seized in Dallas”

  1. Brian said

    It would be great to know the contact info. for this particular CPS office…

  2. troublemaker said

    Thank you Brian, that is an excellent idea. I am editing the article to include informaitno for contacting CPS in Dallas County Texas.

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