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Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver

Posted by troublemaker on November 6, 2011

Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver Canada has announced that Occupy Vancouver has become entirely too dangerous to continue.  His claimed reasoning is two incidents.  The first was a survived heroin overdose on Thursday November 3, 2011.(1)  The second was today’s discovery of a young lady who apparently died of natural causes on Saturday November 5, 2011. (2)  Although the exact cause of her death has not been released to the public, police refuse to speculate concerning illegal drugs but indicate there was no sign of foul play.  One is forced to wonder about the number of drug overdoses and deaths by natural causes the city of Vancouver sees on any other given Saturday at any other location.

“The mayor said the city’s legal team is working on a way to force out the tent city.” (2)

Even if it is determined that the November 5th death was the result of illegal drugs, Mayor Robertson’s motivation to shut down the Vancouver encampment seem likely to be based on something other than what he claims.  While it is regretful that over indulgance is a serious health risk at Occupy Vancouver, such is certainly the case in many locations in Vancouver other than the Occupy encampment.

If they do not speak truthfully, why should we listen?

1) – http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/11/03/occupy-vancouver-overdose-leads-to-%E2%80%98threats%E2%80%99-against-reporters/

2) – http://www.torontosun.com/2011/11/05/woman-dies-of-suspected-overdose-at-occupy-vancouver-reports

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