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Free Baby Zachariah

Posted by troublemaker on November 7, 2011

Occupy spokes people do not speak for all of the 99%.  In this case, we hope Cordell Cameron of Occupy Dallas does not speak for many.  While speaking about the state’s seizure of Zachariah Carpich (9 months old) from his parents Brian and Cathy Carpich, Cameron reportedly said there was no abuse and that the family tent was heated.  Why then would Cameron have condoned the warrentless seizure of a child by adding:

“[but] obviously you can’t keep a baby out in freezing weather” – Cordell Cameron (1)

Marissa Gonzales, a spokesperson for Children’s Protective Services declined to provide details other than the fact that the family is homeless, until a Judge signed off on the case.  Note that a judge has NOT signed off on the seizure.  The action was taken entirely by Children’s Protective Services PENDING an investigation.  Such actions are permissible by law only when there is an eminent threat to a child.  Just what is it about living in a heated tent that created a threat so horrible that not only would Children’s Protective Services feel it necessary to remove a child but that a spokesperson for Occupy Dallas would agree?

Cordell Cameron and other protesters demand their First Amendment be respected.  One is forced to wonder why it is that these freedom fighters would condone the deprivation of Fourteenth Amendment(2) right to due process and their Fourth Amendment (3)  protection from unreasonable seizure. 

Only if there is clear and eminent danger (exigent circumstances) can such action be taken.  The family had been living in the Occupy encampment in a heated tent for a week before baby Zachariah was taken.  He was in good health.  Why would there suddenly be a problem?  As the only reason given for the seizure of Baby Zachariah is that his parents are “homeless”, the pattern seems to be clear.  So clear that it can be seen in other actions Texas CPS.

In Houston, Texas six children were taken from Prince Leonard and his wife over a similar accusation of unsafe living conditions (4).  In the Leonard’s case, their home had an air conditioner, a refrigerator, electricity and even two personal computers.  It did not have running water.  What exactly is a safe living condition?

Homeless parents beware.  The State of Texas as well as Cordell Cameron of Occupy Dallas seem to believe your children should be taken if your home is not what they decide it should be.  No sign of abuse or neglect is required.  No running water.  No children.  No help.

Shame shame Cordell Cameron.  Free Baby Zacharia.  Let him Occupy Christmas with his parents.

Foot notes:

1 – KHOU Houston Texas

2 – Fourteenth Amendment

3. Fourth Amendment

4. KHOU Houston

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