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Traders taunt protesters.

Posted by troublemaker on November 8, 2011

Occupy Chicago is a bit different than other Occupied cities in that there is no central encampment.  Instead, protesters are permitted to express themselves in a relatively narrow corridor.  Within that corridor is the Chicago Board of Trade building.  In response to the ongoing protest for economic fairness, traders within that building have made their opinion of the movement known with signs in the windows which read “We are the 1%”.  While that message does not instantly convey how they feel about the protesters and the 99%, the photocopies they have dropped on the movement have made a clear statement.

First fliers were dropped from the 8th floor which read: “We are the 1% paying for this” (1)

The second littering from the 8th floor consisted of Job Applications for McDonald’s (1)

Like royalty taunting peasants from behind the walls of their castle, the Eighth Floor Yahoos seem too dimwitted to understand their own peril.  The Huffington Post reports that McDonalds recently announced it would hire some 50,000 new employees.  In response, McDonald’s received over 1,000,000 applications.(2)  That is one job available per more than twenty applications.  Graduating students are reporting no jobs to be found and an inability to meet the requirements of student loan debt.  So after years in school, unless they are the lucky 1 in 20 there isn’t even work at McDonald’s.  What this means to the Eight Floor Yahoos is that the number of people with discretionary income with which to invest and trade is dwindling. 

Where the Eight Floor Yahoos think it is funny to essentially tell street level protesters to eat cake, I see pitchforks and torches being made ready for a time when those castle walls crumble.  As evidenced by the existence and tenacity of the 99 percenters, we peasants are getting grumpy.  As evidenced by the economy, the castle walls of corporate wealth are starting to crumble.  Soon, the Eight Floor Yahoos will likely be the street level homeless.

You see those traders on the eight floor are no less slaves than employees at McDonald’s.  The main difference between the protesters and the traders is that the protesters have recognized their servitude. 

 The slaves shall serve until the masters fall and the masters are falling.

Occupy Christmas.  Not one dime to greedy corporations.


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