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World Wide Strike 11/11/11

Posted by troublemaker on November 8, 2011

World Wide Strike 11-11-11
World Wide Strike announced for 11/11/11

As a very new action with only a tiny number of followers (likes) the World Wide Strike  planned for November 11, 2011 seems, on the surface, unlikely to be very large.  As of 2 PM EST on November 8, 2011 it can boast only 78 likes on its Facebook Page (1).  That said, it is another cobblestone in the road to change.  In this case, the obvious desire change is an “End [to] police brutality against peaceful protesters.” (1)

“On 11-11-11 we will stand together and show the world that tear gas rubber bullets, and false imprisonment will not stop our message, and every-time you use unlawful force against the people you are sworn to protect, we will come back stronger, and more” – From their Facebook Page (1). 
Although a facebook page with so few followers might seem almost insignificant on a global level, it demonstrates the sentiment behind a very broad concept spelled out, agreed upon, and accepted into law almost 800 years earlier.  That concept, put in print as the Magna Carta, was in part responsible for such defined liberty as is found in the Constitution of the United States and other civilized nations.
At its core, the Magna Carta was a vehicle where the ruling class (Royalty) was challenged by the working class and forced to respect a rule of law rather than the whim of monarchs.  The Magna Carta was the first document forced on an English King by his people.  In essence, the Barons (war lords of the time) informed the King of England that they would no longer defend England unless he signed the document assuring that certain rights be established for the free citizens of England.  Although signed into law, the following centuries would see a degradation of the rights established in that document.  Many argue the same has been true of the United States Constitution as well as the Constitutions of other civilized nations.
Enter Occupy the World (stage left).  Like most Internet representations of real world events, the facebook page mentioned earlier is not the event itself.  It is a reflection of the real world event.  A reflection which has not limited itself to a single site or page.  Like a virus, the concept is spreading from mouth to ear, forum to page, and across social networks everywhere.  Yes, I am speaking about the strike itself but it is more now much more than the idea of a world wide strike.  It is the reinvention of the Magna Carta and the idea that the people can again force the ruling class to respect the innate rights of the people to exist.
“We invite all the popular assemblies around the world to start writing people’s laws that are deccomodifying all about social and natural life, getting life out from the grip of greed, capital, corporations, elite and make them pay back what they stole from humanity.” – http://snuproject.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/lets-link-15-o-global-revolution-to-11-11-11-global-strike/ (3)
A simple Google search showed the idea is alive and well.  Not just in one overwhelming location, but scattered here and there across the Internet. On Facebook there are Events, Groups and Pages.
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=179186642163285 – Facebook Event that calls for a World Wide Strike at 11:11 AM on September 11, 2011
http://www.facebook.com/groups/11.11.11worldstrike/ – Facebook group that further promotes the World Wide Strike
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Worldwide-General-Strike-111111/196574820394497 – Facebook page that further promotes the World Wide Strike.
Will November 11 see the world shut down at 11:11 AM?  No.  These are sparks rather than a raging fire.  However, the ideas behind these sparks are that raging bonfire.  Must like the idea to Occupy Christmas, each idea feeds the whole, the fire grows, and change is the only acceptable outcome.
Do your part.  Even if you can not walk off your job at 11:11 AM on November 11, 2011, you can visit the events, pages, and groups to add your sparks, even if they are just words, to the fire that is growing in the mind and soul of millions of people across the world.

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