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Berkley, CA city council rebukes Oakland, CA.

Posted by troublemaker on November 10, 2011

“I think our police do an exceptional job of protecting people’s civil liberties. We do a much better job than Oakland.” – Berkley Councilman Jesse Arreguin

Berkley City Council has taken a firm stand AGAINST the use of excessive force by police and violations against free speech by those who order such police actions.  The City of Berkly has refused to enter into a mutual support agreement with University Police as well as other law enforcement agencies.  Their reason was stated clearly as an objection to the use of excessive force and free speech violations.

“Council members used news reports of police using excessive force at the Occupy Oakland protests and at previous protests at UC Berkeley as reason for not renewing the agreements that usually are approved each year without fanfare.” – Doug Oakley of the Oakley Tribune (1)

We were thrilled to no end when we read about the city of Reno working with Occupy Reno to provide safe space for the encampment and protest.  But the decision from Berkley city council has taken even a greater step towards civil rights.  Not only has Berkley City Council sent a clear message in support of freedom of speech and the right to protest, it has taken the additional step of officially observing that other municipalities have done the exact opposite.  Bravo Berkley!

Although other mutual aid agreements were approved, a clear statement has been made.  It is now clear that even officials in various branches of our government are starting to understand the concerns of its people.  Bravo Occupy!

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