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Oakland’s Mayor’s advisors resign.

Posted by troublemaker on November 15, 2011

Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland California now openly criticized by police, lawyers, the ACLU, and her own staff (a few of which have resigned).  Following Oakland California’s mayors second decision to again raid Occupy Oakland, her advisors have issued resignations. 

What makes the evictions at Occupy Oakland a bit different than the evictions served on other encampments is that after the first eviction yielded horrific damage to peaceful protesters, Mayor Jean Quan invited the protesters to return to their encampment.  Then once again, she ordered the Oakland police department to use force to again clear the park.  It is as if the police are deer hunting and Mayor Quan is filling the feeders with corn.  It appears her advisers have had enough of her complete and utter incompetence.

Prior to the early hours of Monday November 14, 2010 Dan Siegel was the personal lawyer to Oakland, CA Mayor Jean Quan.  Mr. Siegel Esq. resigned Monday morning at 2:00 AM when he became aware that a second raid on Occupy Oakland’s encampment was imminent.  Putting as much distance as he can between he and Mayor Quan, Mr. Siegel said:

“This whole thing is, I think, kind of like a Greek tragedy for Jean” – Dan Siegel Esq.(1)
Later that day, Maor Jean Quan received the resignation of Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu. (1)  Although the Deputy Mayor was not as forthcoming with the reasons behind her decision to resign, speculating that the Deputy Mayor wanted to distance herself from Mayor Quan’s repeated decision to use forceful tactics against Occupy protesters seems like a good bet.
Her advisor’s are not the only ones to demonstrate great discontent with the Mayors decisions.  On November 1st, the Oakland Police Officer’s Association issued an open letter to the citizens of Oakland.  In that letter, they explained that on Tuesday, October 25th the Mayor ordered Oakland PD to clear the protesters from the parks.  The letter goes on to explain that the very next day, Mayor Quan invited protesters to return to the parks and resume their protests. (2)   After the Mayor invited protesters back, she again ordered the Oakland Police Department to take action against them by evicting them from the park a second time.
Even her counter parts in other cities have criticized her strongly.

“We really are at a crossroads here. As an elected official, you need to know which side you are on or you will get caught in the intersection, as Jean Quan did,”  – Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin (3)


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