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Boycott Black Friday

Posted by troublemaker on November 20, 2011

Huge corporate retailers have decided Black Friday is more important than Thanksgiving (see Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday), but consumers are starting to reconsider the mad dash to after Thanksgiving savings. Even the press has joined in on pointing to the detrimental effect huge retailers create with their Black Friday madness. The call to Boycott Black Friday is no longer confined to Facebook and blogs; it has entered into the main stream press.

“So when Black Friday comes, do yourself — and workers at big-box stores — a favor. Stay at home. You’ll save some money and gas and maybe start to discourage merchants from pushing their workers beyond the edge.” Marlys Harris of CBS News (1)

In another article at CBS News, Carla Fried not only advises skipping Black Friday shopping for family and sanity reasons, but because the hype leads to bait and switch and other tactics to separate you from hard earned cash that you might not otherwise spend.

“Retailers lure you to stand in line at ungodly hours by advertising supposedly great discounts that only the early-risers or Turkey Day shoppers will be able to snag. But those advertised “door buster” deals are notorious for being in very low supply.” – Carla Fried of CBS News (2)

Consumer Reports senior editor Tod Marks agrees, saying: “Very few people are actually the beneficiary of Black Friday deals” (3) USA Today reports consumer dissatisfaction with Wal-Mart’s promotions of items they cannot provide is prolific (3). Sure, they might have a TV at a great price, but when you get to the store you find out it there were only a tiny number of items available and you are left to buy items which are not such a great deal. It is classic bait and switch and Wal-Mart is not the only huge retailer to make such offers knowing it cannot answer the demand. (3)

Times they are a changing. Consumers are starting to rethink manipulative efforts by corporate retailers. The free market is being influenced by free thinkers and huge corporations should be quaking in their feet. We have the power to facilitate change. We can Occupy Christmas.

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  1. Dear fellow Occupy Christmas-ers,

    Here our contribution and support to the Occupy Christmas and Occupy movement overall.

    Please keep going and keep up the brilliant work.

    In Solidarity,
    Stella Zigouras
    Gernot Rothenbach

    “Occupy Christmas”

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