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Baby Miracle and the First Two Occupy Related Deaths

Posted by troublemaker on November 23, 2011

Jennifer Fox says her unborn child was no more than three months along when it was killed by police. Some readers might wonder why we would call her child “Baby Miracle”. Because that is what Jennifer Fox said she choose to name the child she wanted to bring into this word.

“It hurts. It’s upsetting. I was ready to have a kid, because my family was going to support me in taking care of the child. Her name was going to be Miracle.” – Jennifer Fox(1)

Some readers might be wondering why we would call Baby Miracle a child. Because this is a blog, not a court of law. While judges might insist that an unborn child be referred to as a fetus, we have no such obligation. No matter what your political, moral, or ethical view is; taken at face value, what it is clear is that Jennifer Fox will not celebrate this or future holiday seasons with Baby Miracle.

No formal investigation has been concluded. No formal charges have been filed. In fact, a Google news search turns up only one article at this time. The article on Forbes (2) references quotes and information from an article written by Dominic Holden (3). In the middle of the Forbes article, in a large and bold font there is the statement that:

“Fox did not provide Holden with any medical documentation to back any of this up, and as with all unconfirmed reports take this with a grain of salt” (3)

Dominic Holden’s article and its updates expresses even more mistrust of Jennifer Fox’s claims in language such as: “Acting on an anonymous tip, we heard that…” (3) That anonymous tip reportedly led Holden to a police report with each participant’s name blacked out. The police report, which details several people residing in an abandoned building on the evening of 22 September, 2011, includes a woman with a three lettered name who claimed to be three months pregnant at the time and in need of medical attention. The implied question is how Fox could have been three months pregnant when pepper sprayed and struck by police on 15 November 2011 if she was three months pregnant on 22 September 2011, a difference of about two months. Ignoring the issue that the name in the police report is blocked out, the answer is rather simple. With a stable home and family life, my wife did not know she was pregnant until she entered her second trimester. By all accounts, Jennifer Fox was homeless, thus not likely to be seeing a doctor on a regular basis.

In his article, Ian Awesome explained that Fox, like many people, were homeless until the Occupy encampment welcomed her into their fold. Although Ian Awesome was also clear in pointing that the Fox’s allegations have not been confirmed, he did so in a fairly respectful manner. He also included information on her age, 19, and living conditions in a factual and caring manner. In his article, the term homeless was in no way used as a derogatory.

“If her allegation is confirmed, the inappropriate use of force against peaceful activists exercising their right to free speech has finally cost a protester something irreplaceable: an unborn baby..” – Ian Awesome (1)

Holden’s article (3) seems to have ignored key consistencies and focused instead on inconsistencies. Consider life on the street without work days and weekends. If Fox was the person identified in the police report as having been transported to “HBC” (4), it seems likely Fox would later have “also seen a physician at Harborview [Medical Center] for prenatal care“. It does seem perfectly reasonable to think the police report shorthand “HBC” stands for Harborview Medical Center.

“Fox says she had also seen a physician at Harborview for prenatal care about five week before.” – Dominic Holden (3)

Where, I wonder, is the sympathy in either Holden’s article or the Forbes article which referenced it? Maybe not sympathy for a child they do not seem to believe existed, but for a 19 year old woman who would be living on the street if not for the Occupy encampment. For a woman whose previous home may have resulted in the arrest of one of her companions (4) because survival for people living on the streets often results in charges of criminal trespassing in abandoned buildings.

Ian Awesome indicates that Fox miscarried on 20 November 2011, five days after being pepper sprayed and struck by police (1). There is no claim thus far that her hospital visit of 15 November 2011 indicated there was anything wrong with her child. To this layman’s mind, it seems more likely the child was lost due to the living conditions of a mother being homeless as well as a lack of proper and timely medical care. That is the real story.

We live in a nation where children are punished for their parent’s sin of poverty.

This must change.

At this time, it is not clear if Baby Miracle died as a result of police brutality. At this time, it is not clear that Baby Miracle existed outside of the heart of his potential mother. What is clear is that the first deaths directly related to the Occupy movement have been observed. Those being the death of not only innocence, but of ignorance as well. For my children, I mourn the death of the former and rejoice in the death of the latter.

Thank you Occupy Seattle for feeding, sheltering, and extending human kindness to Jennifer Fox.

Occupy Christmas for the children of this world and for the future children of this world.



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2 Responses to “Baby Miracle and the First Two Occupy Related Deaths”

  1. Daved said

    Guess you missed the news, Jennifer Fix lied…and is nuts…and is claiming she had twins and miscarried on in September…when she was also 3 months pregnant:


  2. troublemaker said

    David, when writing the article, I thought the language I used in the article was rather clear that I was not convinced “Baby Miracle existed outside of the heart of his potential mother”. The link you provided offered no more information on that point, instead it pointed to the young lady being homeless and potentially mentally ill.

    I apologize if I did not drive home the point of the article being that Occupy Seattle took the woman in, provided her with food, shelter and medical attention.

    Where many people would like to dismiss her as a mentally ill homeless woman, others would like to see further community support for people living with such challenges and illness.

    Is why I ended by saying the death I was speaking about is that of innocence and ignorance.

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