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Black Friday – It’s YOUR boycott

Posted by troublemaker on November 25, 2011

The Internet is a funny place. We have shown you how the pending boycott of Black Friday can trace its roots back at least 20 years with Buy Nothing Day. We have provided commentary tracing historic discontent with the greed associated with Christmas and employers during the holiday season back to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Ah, but because one of the many calls to boycott black Friday had only 1,250 supporters a couple days ago, Fox News seems to have concluded the overwhelming discontent with Black Friday is a tiny dislike.

“LaRocca said that retailers are preparing for a “very busy day” and weekend, and that it doesn’t yet appear the Occupy Black Friday push will turn into a massive boycott. As of Tuesday afternoon, the group’s Facebook page had about 1,250 supporters. ” – Fox News reports

Fox News quotes “the group’s face book page…” (1) as if a lone Facebook page speaks for all of the plans to boycott Black Friday. What Fox News is experiencing is Occupy Blindness which is complicated with a complete lack of understanding when it comes to social media and decentralized protests. This one Facebook page is not the sum total of protesters calling for a boycott of Black Friday.

Even outside of a formal protest, consumers have started to wake up. CNN reports that by far most comments to their online stories have indicated consumers are putting Black Friday aside this year and spending the day with their families.

“But most CNN.com commenters said they would be skipping Black Friday for various reasons.” – CNN (2)

In the end, it won’t be the protesters who cause a change. It will be you, the consumer who heard the protesters but listened to your hearts. This holiday season, Occupy Christmas instead of the department stores.

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