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Posted by troublemaker on November 26, 2011

The events listed below have one thing in common. Each involves consumer frenzy, a contributing factor to corporate profit. Even with a very dismal opinion of humanity one would be hard pressed to believe the conduct of these masses is typical human behavior if not for mob mentality. Could it be this type of frenzy is created by corporate retailers for the specific purpose of increasing their bottom line?

Target – North Buffalo, New York – Keith Krantz was pressed to a metal door frame, injured and fell to the ground. The savings were so great, that instead of helping him to his feet and getting him safe from the stampede, shoppers kept on pushing through the door and over his body. The only people who would help were those not shopping. Keith Krantz was pulled to safety by Target Employees. (1)

Wal-Mart – Michigan – A teenage girl was knocked to the floor and walked on in the electronics department of a Michigan Wal-Mart (2)

Wal-Mart – Phoenix, Arizona – In a frenzy over a video game, a boy is trampled. His grandfather, who’d secured the video game, bent down to help his grandson. Police slammed the grandfather to the ground, accusing him of shoplifting. There he remained for some time in pool of his own blood. (3)

Hollister Flagship store – SoHo, New York – Angry that the store did not open earlier, a mob shattered through the front doors, pillaged the store, and ran out the doors without paying. (4)

HEB Plus – Laredo, TX – One woman was trampled, two men were arrested, and fights between shoppers broke out.(5)

Black Friday 2011 is over. We, the consumer, have 364 days to think about what we are going to do in 2012. Will we condone the insanity with our future participation or will we finally choose to ignore Black Friday and Occupy Christmas instead? If love of family is not enough to convince you to stay home next Black Friday, please consider the type of people you will meet there. More importantly, please consider the type of people you might become.

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