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US Press Hides US Revolution

Posted by troublemaker on November 26, 2011

Revolution according to Time Magazine

Time Magazine cover outside the United States

This article’s headline seems like it would better belong in the context of a conspiracy theory.  Indeed, we were first made aware of this story by a blog which focuses on government cover ups.  Why then would a site which encourages you to spend time with your family jump on the conspiracy theory band wagon?  Because the story is that striking.

US Time magazine cover

United States cover of same December issue.

This December’s issue of Time Magazine features one cover for the US market and another cover for the rest of the world.  In Europe, Asia, and all other areas, the cover photo and story is about what seems to be turning into a world wide revolution.  For the United States market, Time Magazine’s cover is dedicated to informing readers that stress is not that bad.

Long before Time Magazine decided to offer the US market an entirely different cover, and presumably content, for its December issue; many claimed the Occupy Wall Street movement was being virtually ignored by the US Press.  History tells us that the the initial advertisements of Buy Nothing Day were rebuked by major media.  (see Where did it start?).  Logic tells us that magazines, television, and radio are dependent on corporate profits for their very existence.  Of course corporate America does not want its flocks to know what is taking place.

If the American consumer were to loose faith in their economy, purchases would slow to a crawl.  That simply is not good for corporate America in either the long or short run.  In the short run, it would not be good for American consumers.  In the long run, well we will just have to see.  You see no matter how the revolution is hidden from the American consumer, s/he will eventually discover the truth about what is taking place.

The idea behind Occupy Christmas is much more than just a way to think about the holiday season.  It is a way of surviving the pending world wide economic challenges by becoming not only self reliant, but by putting family before friend, friend before neighbor, neighbor before county, county before nation, and community before corporation.

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