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Martha Stewart Occupies Christmas

Posted by troublemaker on November 27, 2011

UC Davis police use pepper spray.

There is little chance you have not seen the video of UC Davis police chief spraying pepper spray on peaceful protesters. If you are one of the very few who has missed that video being shown or discussed in practically every form of the media, let me describe. Protesters sitting peacefully on sidewalk. Police chief waling back and forth emptying an industrial sized can of pepper spray. The assault was discussed on Fox news where Megyn Kelly minimized the event by pointing out that pepper spray is a food product.

Martha Stewart using pepper spray.

Martha Steward provided her own special commentary on Megyn Kelly’s ridiculous claim. During the Thanksgiving special on the Today Show, Martha Steward was asked if she thought the turkey needed some more salt or pepper. Martha dawned a riot police style helmet complete with shield and used what looked like a bottle of pepper spray to dose the turkey.

“Here a fabulous trick I learned over at UC Davis.” – Martha Stewart (1)

Occupy X Mas, the protest started by Add Busters, called for “shenanigans” as a form of protest against corporate greed. We here at Occupy Christmas feel Martha Stewart has definitely done her part. Bravo Martha Stewart.


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5 Responses to “Martha Stewart Occupies Christmas”

  1. Linda said

    Why not take this a step further and do something good in the Spirit of Christmas? Buy a goat, a chicken from a charity like World Vision or a gift for a 3rd world citizen from the charity of your choice. Don’t just protest, do something to even the playing field for those who have not had any of the chances that we Westerners have.

  2. troublemaker said

    Linda, yours is a very good point. My religious beliefs are fairly clear about bragging rights, but I do not think it is out of bounds to share that my homestead attempts to act locally in the form of food donations. We have very little else to share, including time, due to medical challenges.

    Still, I think World Vision’s idea of empowering a man to fish rather than giving him a fish is one of the best ideas organized charity has offered.

  3. I say we should try to redirect income to small businesses…especially as Linda said, to third world countries. Or maybe give a present of an investment to a small businessperson on Indiegogo or something. Good ideas here.


  4. troublemaker said

    The Creaming Head (cute name):

    I agree about small business, but think a focus on local economy is best in the long run. Consider this, it is a first world desire for third world products that causes Wal-mart and the likes to support third world sweat shops.

    Additionally, there is just as much pain and poverty in most local communities.

    Much respect for a desire to help those in need and improve economy elsewhere, just not sure it is the best course at this time.

  5. Celestial Elf said

    Thought you might like my Occupy themed Christmas Carol machinima film

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