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Thank You – 722 Visitors Yesterday

Posted by troublemaker on December 3, 2011

In a few minutes, my family and I will be off to the annual Dickens Christmas Festival in our area. There, we hope to complete our holiday shopping with the local merchants, crafts folk, and artists who will be showing and selling wares. Before we leave, I wanted to say thank you to our readers and the kind press coverage we have received thus far. Our message is certainly getting out there and we have started plans for larger related projects next year.

Yesterday was the busiest day at OccupyChristmas.org thus far. In addition to being visited by 722 unique IP addresses, that excludes spiders and bots, Ashley completed a very nice interview with a branch of the Canadian press. Her answers, as usual, were right on the money. We will be posting the various interviews shortly. Via email today, I networked with more veterans and police officers who support the Occupy movement. Facebook shares are up, comments are starting to come in, email have been heartwarming, and the press is starting to notice the difference between Occupy Christmas (our little faction) and #OccupyXmas (Adbusters faction). So to what do we owe this success?

Although the ground pounding soldiers of Occupy Wall Street are causing the media to notice their antics and thus provide an avenue for our common message to be heard, those antics do not appeal to all audiences. While our message is the same, that the influence of big money needs to be removed from politics, our method of delivering that message has taken a very different tone. Where the tone of Occupy Christmas is welcomed by one audience, the “shenanigans” of #OccupyXmas is heard by a different audience. Both voices begging for the same change, but asking for support in different ways. Both voices participating in different forms of protest.

With that in mind, many thanks to our readers for making me feel as if this shared message is worthwhile. Many thanks to the ground pounding protesters for bringing that message to the public in a different way.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Celestial Elf said

    Thought you might like my Occupy themed Christmas Carol machinima film

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