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Shame on Mayor Bloomberg (again)

Posted by troublemaker on December 9, 2011

jerrold Nadler Official portrait 112 Congress

Congressman Jerrold Nadler

“It is the mayor’s job, I might point out, to ensure that the Police Department, under his command, obeys the laws and respects the rights of all New Yorkers,” – Congressman Jerrold Nadler speaking against Mayor Bloomberg’s conduct (1)

Imagine a child makes an accusation of molestation. That accusation is not investigated because a politician, rather than a properly trained investigatory body, insists it is not worth investigating. He wasn’t there, but he knows from things the accused told him that the accusations should not be investigated. We’d hope that politician would be out on his ear. Now imagine that politician is in part responsible for the actions of the accused. Guilty or not, we’d hope that politician were on trial for corruption. With respect to potential misconduct by New York police, New York Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t seem to care that his constituents might believe he is guilty of doing just that.

The New York Times is now reporting that Mayor Bloomberg opposes a potential Justice Department investigation into police misconduct at the Occupy Wall Street protest. (1) Think on that for just a moment. The New York police carry out the orders of the New York Mayor. When New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler asked the Justice Department to investigate potential police misconduct under Bloomberg’s administration, Mayor Bloomberg ridiculed the Congressman asking why the Congressman hadn’t done his job in securing more money for that police department.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“If he would spend more time getting us homeland security money, maybe he’d make the streets safer,” – Mayor Bloomberg (1)

“If he could get us more federal moneys, maybe we could make our schools better and we wouldn’t have some of the things that people are protesting against.”
– Mayor Bloomberg (1)

We certainly agree that our public schools could be better funded. As long as there are victims of crime, we certainly agree that law enforcement could use a hand as well. However, we fail to understand why improved schools and security cannot walk hand in hand with concerns over civil liberty violations and abuses of authority. Does Mayor Bloomberg also believe Congressman should turn a blind eye to child molestation and focus all of their time collecting federal funds for New York City? The Congressman certainly does not think so. Of course he doesn’t. You see Congressman Jerrold Nader is also the ranking member on the house Judiciary’s Constitutional Subcommittee.

“It is precisely my job, as the ranking member on the House Judiciary’s Constitution Subcommittee, to ensure that the constitutional rights of all Americans are respected. And it is precisely the job of the U.S. Department of Justice to ensure that alleged violations of those rights are investigated, and that federal civil rights laws are vigorously enforced.” – Congressman Jerrold Nadler (1)

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street / 99% Protesters

Congressman Jerrold Nadler did exactly as he should. Not only because he is the ranking member of the House Judiciary’s Constitutional Subcommittee but more importantly because the alleged police abuse took place in Congressman Nadler’s own district. Congressman, Jerrold Nadler represented the people (99%) because he is a “representative”. Concerned with accusations of police misconduct, he wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr in which he listed concerns over the mistreatment of protesters, mistreatment of the press, unlawful surveillance, and other abuses of authority (2) .

With a net worth of 19.5 billion dollars in 2011 (3), Mayor Bloomberg is the twelfth richest person in the United States (3) as well as the eighth richest man according to Forbes (4). Not only is he part of the 1%, he might well be in the 1% of the 1%. As such, his conduct in this matter illustrates the underline complaint of Occupy Christmas as well as the Occupy Movement / 99% movement as a whole. Our government, any government, should represent its people. Congressman Jerrold Nadler and Mayor Bloomberg have both shown us who THEIR people are.

We hope Mayor Bloomberg will not occupy his office the Christmas after the 2013 election. Maybe Congressman Nadler will apply for the job.

Thank you Congressman Nadler. Shame on you Mayor Bloomberg.



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