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Lowe’s Lack of Soul

Posted by troublemaker on December 15, 2011

Lowe’s Home Improvement has announced that it has pulled its advertisements which previously aired during the TV show All-American Muslim. (1) The latest installment of reality TV features American Muslin families in their day to day lives in Dearborn, Michigan. Although many Americans have added Lowe’s to a list of Islamaphobes, Lowe’s has a much different take on their actions. Lowe’s claims to have pulled their commercials because they did not want to participate in the “hotly contested debate.” (1).

Although Lowe’s has made it clear that they removed the commercials in an effort not to become involved in the “hotly contested debate” (1), some interpreted their actions have been as being intolerant of Islam. In US News, a recent article was titled “Boycott Lowe’s Over All-American Muslim Intolerance”. If it is true that Lowe’s pulled their advertising from the All-American Muslims reality TV show due to an intolerance of Islam, the obvious question is why they would suddenly become intolerant. After all, the controversy would not exist if not for Lowe’s commercials first being shown during the television show. The answer is that Lowe’s has not demonstrated intolerance for Islam. Instead, they have demonstrated intolerance for that “hotly contested debate” (1).

The Florida Family Association let Lowe’s know they feel the reality show hides “riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.” (2). Why on earth would a reality TV show titled “All-American Muslims” feature Muslims which stand against the United States of America? Yes, radical Islam does exist. Yes, radical Islam is wildly opposes “American liberties and traditional values”, but that is not the focus of the TV show illustrating Muslims who support”American liberties and traditional values”. Radical Islam is a problem. So is Islam phobia due to radical Islam.

I agree with the call to boycott Lowe’s, but not due to Islam phobia. I agree with the call to boycott Lowe’s, and other huge incorporations, for not having a soul. I say if Corporations want our money, they had best let us know where they stand on issues so we can decide which ones we choose to empower and which we choose to boycott. Until such time as corporations make their views known, boycott them all.


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