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Occupy Denver – We like snacks.

Posted by troublemaker on December 20, 2011

Speaking about the Occupy Denver eviction now requires a version number. On November 12, 2011 they were evicted from Civic Center Park. They reoccupied.  The city re-evicted.  The latest reoccupation received another eviction notice, of sorts, on December 14, 2011. That notice demanded that all “encumbrances”  be removed from sidewalks and city right of ways by December 15, 2011. Today, right before midnight on December 19, 2011 Occupy Denver was evicted just in time for Christmas. Although official statements have not been made by the Denver Police Department, the Denver Post has reported no injuries to either protesters or police (1).

Earlier on Monday, Occupiers met with Denver’s new Chief of Police Robert White. Mr. White was sworn in as Denver’s Chief of Police just seven days earlier on December 12, 2011(2). Chief White replaced Gerald Whitman who was the Chief of Police during the first Occupy Denver eviction.

“Robert White was sworn in as Denver’s police chief today, vowing to improve the department and regain the community’s trust after a string of high-profile police brutality cases.” Denver Post (2)

During that meeting, the protesters refused to remove their tents and the Chief of Police refused to allow those tents to remain. The meeting ended unproductively and the occupiers asked if they could take with them the snack trays that the city had provided for the meeting. Of course they did. These are the folk who sent a rather clear message by electing a dog as their leader in response to the Mayor’s insistence that they provide a spokesperson. Of course a second message could be seen in the snack tray request; we like to snack.

“The protesters left the meeting disgusted, calling it “incredibly unproductive.” and asking if they could take the crackers, fruits and veggie trays.” – (1)

What police Chief Robert White and the City of Denver does not seem to understand is Occupy Denver has learned what my seven year old daughter seems to know innately. Neither the Denver Police Department, nor the City of Denver, nor in the case of my daughter her parents; are allowed to inflict any serious harm. Sure, the authority figure can take their toys away. But when all is said and done, the cogs of logic have already turned in the minds of Occupy Denver. Spreading their message is worth the momentary inconveniences that the City of Denver and its police department may inflict.

According to the order to remove “encumbrances” that was circulated on December 14, 2011; protesters can face a fine of up to $999.00 and / or spend a year in prison (3). While I speculate that many protesters believe it is well worth a year in prison to participate in such a historic event, I cannot imagine the City of Denver wanting to fund the appeals that such a sentence would undoubtedly meet. Although it is written into the laws of Denver, such a punishment seems certainly to be ‘unusual’. Well, unless homeless people huddling under a cardboard box are routinely thrown into prison for a year.

It is this type of realization which makes the entire Occupy and 99% movement possible. It is the discovery that authority is always conditional. No matter what the threat of authority is, if a person is willing to risk the consequences s/he may always refuse the orders of authority. You can elect a dog; you can ask the Chief of Police for snacks, you can Occupy Denver. While authority might lash at a few tactics, they cannot silence people who have realized authority is conditional.  Occupy Denver has figured that out.  Now why is it the city seems to have such a hard time understanding.

“If we are evicted, this will be the fifth time the DPD has forcibly removed the Occupation – a tactic which clearly has not been an effective resolution in the past.” – From OccupyDenver.org (4)


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2 Responses to “Occupy Denver – We like snacks.”

  1. LMORRISON said

    I dont think the occupy movement has the substance it was capable of having. The actions of the last couple days have proven that there is a clear lack of sincerity as these moves are contradictory to your liberal entitlement centered rhetoric. I have several times, with my small child, brought donations of vclothing and food to you all. Using litterally our last few dollars for a humble donation to support people who were at least comitted, i thought, to excercizing their rights. though I disagree with message. I supported the idea. I am now just more and more shaking my head. These idiiotic moves give way to MORE restrictions and less dialougue for future and current legitimmate movements, like the End the Fed movement. One with a clear goal, substance and direction….which could SAVE us from certain demise! no, Im lumped along and dismissed as just another flakey occupier. now this?? went too far- you have rights- but you also as humans should have respect too! You are ruining our few dwindling rights!!!!!!!- dont you see that??????????- get it together- you should be ashamed- and you need repentance, or we all are fucked- NO MORE sNACKS from our family-you need to get your facts together on the homeless too-no clue!- go study the issues-you just seem totally clueless….sad

  2. troublemaker said

    L Morrison:

    I think the challenges you see can be illustrated by your use of the word “you” in your comment. The movement is so diverse that the word isn’t really useful in discussing the Occupy / 99% movement.

    You are right in that the movement as a whole could have more substance. Occupy Atlanta saved a disabled veteran from loosing her home. That seems like major substance. But could they have been so successful without the antics that brought the Occupy Movement into the public eye?

    I really think it is the combination of substance and antics that makes the movement possible. Thing is, I am just one voice. So are you. All doing what we can and hoping for a brighter future.

    Would like to hear more on eleiminating the Federal Reserve and why that would help.

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