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Occupy Dayton: Why I love it.

Posted by troublemaker on December 23, 2011

Our participation in Occupy Christmas does not include a Facebook page because there are so many other efforts on Facebook that reflect a very similar ideology. However, like most folk online all involved here keep in touch with Facebook and other social media. It was there on my personal Facebook page that I first commented on how much I love Occupy Dayton Ohio. Although hundreds of people often participate in their protests and marches, the encampment on their Facebook page seemed to consist of only five very dedicated individuals and a single tent. Why then, I respectfully joked, do they often use their Facebook page to ask for food for “…about six people”? I speculated that one of the protesters is extra special hungry or maybe the other protesters think one in their fold is entirely too thin. I might now have the answer to my question.

Today, while I was skimming newspaper reports on Occupy Dayton, I ran into those two numbers once again: six and five. On December 8, 2011 the Dayton Daily News reported that “5 Occupy Dayton members arrested” (1). The police agree that it was five protesters who were arrested.

“Dayton Police Lt. Kenneth Beall confirmed that the five individuals that were arrested were in the yard of the house and had set up a large tent.” (1)

What makes this particularly funny is that like my good humored jokes on my personal Facebook page, Occupy Dayton protesters informed the Dayton Daily News that the police were wrong. That in fact, there were six Occupy Dayton protesters who were arrested.

“The activists said they never intended to remain at the Seneca Drive location. It was an interim home while other arrangements were being made. The statement also indicated six arrests had been made, not five.” – (1)

Now that we have the police involved, only one answer makes sense. One of the protesters is pregnant. That would certainly explain one of the five protesters eating for two. With so much national debate over the abortion issue, surly their might be a person within Occupy Dayton who believes an unborn child is a person.

In truth, Occupy Dayton’s Facebook photos feature more than five people standing in their encampment. My jokes about there being only five core members who eat like six have been for the sake of humor and humor alone. In fact, I have a great deal of respect for Occupy Dayton campers because it takes a whole lot more fortitude to stand with small numbers than to stand with a large crowd. That is what this article is about; when standing up means standing alone. It is something that only a few people seem to be able to do. That is why the Occupy / 99% movement is so important. Not because of the numbers observed on the evening news, but because of the number of folk watching the evening news.

No matter how many people cram themselves into Zuccotti Park, no matter how many people camp in all of the Occupy encampments across the world, that number is tiny compared to the number of people who are now talking about the Occupy / 99% movement.  So while numbers in your photos might be small, please remember the difference you are making is huge.

Many thanks to Occupy Dayton Ohio and all of the other occupations which remain small in occupation numbers but who are making a big difference.  You are an inspiration for future occupations.

  1. Dayton Daily News: 5 Occupy Dayton members arrested

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