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The War on Christmas

Posted by troublemaker on December 23, 2011

Mike check. Mike check. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press are each guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and by the laws of every civilized nation on this planet. This does not mean freedom of JUST your religion, freedom of JUST your speech, or freedom of JUST your press.

Evidently Bill O’Reilley is right. There is a “War on Christmas”. Waging that war seems to be one of the things some Occupy protesters, police, city officials, and even the owners of Zuccotti Park agree on. As you probably know, Occupy Wall Street was initially encamped on private property owned by Brookfield Office Properties. The property known as Zuccotti Park is now cleared of tents, camping equipment, tarps, and anything which might impede the general public from making full use of the park. Evidently, this also includes the occasional Christmas tree. The Atlantic Wire has reported that police stopped a Christmas tree from entering the park.

“The cop went and threw it on the curb, next to the street, and they stood it back up, and then another cop came and threw it by the garbage can,” – Tim Pool quoted by The Atlantic Wire (1)

The Atlantic Wire also reports that a Christian based religious group asked for permission to bring in food, beverages, chairs, musical instruments and other materials for a Christmas celebration. Evidently, Brookfield Office Properties and the City of New York does not feel the park should be used for such silly things as marking a national holiday.

Meanwhile, in the gossip pages (literally), we hear that Occupy Wall Street protesters are wildly opposed to such symbols of Christmas as a living nativity scene. Although filmed at Occupy DC, the protesters in the video clip are identified at being members of Occupy Wall Street. That same group whose Christmas tree was denied and who is not permitted to have a religious service on site for Christmas (2). The Blaze gives a much better presentation of what happened in Occupy DC.

According to The Blaze, responses to the living nativity scene were mixed. (3) While there were some protesters who wildly opposed the holiday message, some were completely surprised by those objections.

“I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s right on time. Christ is the reason for Christmas. I don’t know why [the other protester would] be offended.” The Blaze quotes a protester (3)

Although the anger expressed by some of the protesters is likely off putting to the majority of Americans who indeed celebrate the Christmas holiday as the birth of Christ, something more alarming is present in those few comments.

“It goes against what our Founding Fathers created in this country.” (3) – In fact, the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America assures not only the Freedom of Speech enjoyed by the person who made this comment, but the Freedom of Speech enjoyed by participants of that living Nativity Scene.

“I wouldn’t get up here and start preaching Islam to people. I wouldn’t because it’s not my place. It’s not your place either.” (3) – That protester might not be preaching Islam to people; with his participation in the Occupy movement he is certainly preaching an ideology.

After one protester asked: “Is that legal?” another protester responded “No check – go check.” (3) – Yes sir it is legal. Mike check. Mike check. Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech are the very foundation of Civil Rights within the United States of America and you are protesting in Washington DC. While the negative comments represent only a portion of the protesters involved in the Occupy / 99% movement, the basic concept of freedom of speech should be understood by all protesters.


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