Occupy Christmas

International Day of Action – December 25

Google’s Christmas gift to us.

Posted by troublemaker on December 24, 2011

Although they might take it back tomorrow, Google gave us a very special Christmas present today. In a search for the term Occupy Christmas, “Google returns About 46,800,000 results (0.14 seconds)”. Sitting on top of that list, in the number one position, http://OccupyChristmas.org. Many thanks to Google for our early Christmas gift. Even more thanks to our readers for sharing links, talking about our articles, and doing whatever it is that Google looks for when they rank pages. It really helps us to feel our message is well received.

Merry Christmas – Occupy Christmas – Thank you all!

Please do not think we will be going into hiding now that the Christmas season draws to a close. Due to the tremendous response of our readers, we remain inspired and have been talking about practical applications of the Occupy Christmas message for the seasons that follow.

2 Responses to “Google’s Christmas gift to us.”

  1. jeremy said

    No reason to thank an algorithm. If you do the search prior to the occupy movement there are only one million hits for “occupy christmas” instead of 46 million. What did you think was going to happen? Walmart was going to be higher on the list?

  2. troublemaker said

    Jeremy, what did I think would happen? I thought someone with many more resources than we would get up there (no offense tech guy). I am going to add something to the About page so you will understand my amazement and gratitude.


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