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International Day of Action – December 25

Eugene, Oregon Christmas Potluck

Posted by troublemaker on December 25, 2011

Occupy Eugene, Oregon welcomes you to celebrate Christmas in their occupation on Sunday, December 25th at 2pm in the new Occupy 5 building (7th and Polk).

“Bring a dish if you can and a space heater if you have one!” – http://occupyeugenemedia.org/2011/12/23/12-25-christmas-potluck-sunday/

Christmas is more than the religious holiday of some 75% of the population of my country, it is also a secular holiday which marks the value of not only kith and kin but community. In a culture where what you have in the bank often seems more important than what is in your heart, the Occupy / 99% movement has gone a very long way towards reminding us that things other than money have value. Many thanks to Occupy Eugene for reminding folk that community is one of those other things which really does have value.

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  1. Dave Lucas said

    In the comments on my blog, a reader asks “You think of Occupy Albany as tho it were a TV series?” Check out my response!



    Occupy Albany is opening its winter home with a grand Christmas dinner!


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