Occupy Christmas

International Day of Action – December 25

Protest Ideas

Think Global.  Shop Local.  Occupy Christmas.

Occupy Christmas does not want you to boycott gift purchases.  We want you to do as the name implies.  We want you to “Occupy Christmas” not boycott it.  While we believe the principles behind Occupy Christmas are essential for communities to better survive the global economic downturn during all seasons, Christmas has become such a consumer frenzy that there seems no better season to address needed change.

Spread the Word / Link to Occupy Christmas – If you agree with the message we are sending, then spread the word.  Link to Occupy Christmas, click that like button on articles you enjoy, tell your friends and family.

Support Local Economy – When possible, shop local.  This can be as simple as choosing to fuel up your automobile at a locally owned gas station.

Support Producers Directly (Farmers, Crafts Folk, Artists) – Instead of purchasing mass produced goods which originated in far off country, make gift purchases from local artists and crafts folk.  Purchase the makings of holiday meals from local Farmer’s Markets and directly from producers.

Boycott Credit Cards – The big banks thrive on not only interest but late fees.  If you can not afford it, do you really need it?

Use Cash and Cash Only – Go to your bank and withdraw the cash you will spend.  Do not use credit or even ATM cards what so ever.  This will not only help to send a message to the money changers, it will also save the merchant from 2% to 5% .  If you absolutely must use an ATM card, use it as a debit card (with the pin number).  When you use an ATM card as a credit card, many merchants must pay not only the transaction fee but also between 2% and 5% of the transaction to the issuing bank.  When used as a debit card, the transaction fee is often still charged but a lower or no percentage at all is taken by the processor.

Boycott Black Friday – We do not want you to boycott Christmas, we want you to take it back.  Black Friday, well that is an entirely different story.  Why boycott Black Friday?  If for no other reason than because it is down right scary.  People have died in the stampeeds at Walmart.  If potential death and sensory overload isn’t enough of a reason to boycott Black Friday, consider the message such a boycott would send.  For more information on Boycotting Black Friday (click here).

Cyber Monday – Internet commerce initially helped small business to compete with greedy corporations who leverage national inequity to the extreme.  By eliminating not only the middle man, but the cost of operating a brick and mortar establishment; small business could offer their goods at competitive prices.  It wasn’t long before huge stores caught on.  Instead of using the Internet to further the reach of corporate greed, consider putting the words ‘hand made’ in front of the gift you are looking for.  Better yet, search for the term “hand made” as well as some indication of your state, province, or municipality.

Do you have ideas for Occupy Christmas?  Send them to TroubleMaker at this domain name.