One of the most mysterious figures of the Egyptian history is Tutankhamun. Find his tomb in Luxor and you might solve the ancient secret of the pyramid’s construction.

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Fantasy Escape Games blends traditional escape room puzzling with interactive RPG adventure elements in an online format. You"ll use your creative instincts to interact with characters as you choose--

Stash House
Stash House

You arrive at a nondescript black door with a green light...You knock. The door slowly swings open and you"re invited in...

Maze Rooms Los Angeles
Maze Rooms Los Angeles

Real-life room escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are “locked” in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puz

Eskape The Klownz
The Great Escape Club

Voted Red Tricycle’s 2016 Ideal Indoor Playspace, The Great Escape Club is an innovative twist on the traditional children"s indoor playspace. Children will play in a brand new contemporary, fun and

THE BASEMENT: A Live Escape Room Experience

THE BASEMENT is a real and live "Escape Game" where you can bring up to 10 people to show up, get a safety spiel, and be locked in a room. You then have 45 minutes to find your way out using the hidd

Silverlake Independent JCC

The SIJCC is a destination for diverse programming and cultural events on Los Angeles’ thriving east side. We invite you to engage in education and the arts, and celebrate the unexpected and accessi

QUEST ROOM - interactive escape room games

Challenge your brain in our intricately designed, hand-made environments, made for the most immersive adventure escape rooms can give! All of our rooms have been created with high attention to detail,

PanIQ Escape Room Los Angeles

Our professional escape room designers put a lot of effort into planning & building each escape game. From hidden passageways to décor such as lighting and smoke effects, every element is careful

PanIQ Room Hollywood

Our professional escape room designers put a lot of effort into planning & building each escape game. From hidden passageways to décor such as lighting and smoke effects, every element is carefully p


John Monroe was a private investigator. WAS! John Monroe is now a dead man. The police said it was a murder, so his office is currently sealed for investigation. Players have 60 minutes to look around

Horror Escapes LA

A mad doctor, known for questionable experimenting on his patients, will hold you captive in three different Chapter you can choose from: his Captive Chamber, Dr. Office, or Zombie Lab. Hurry up and e

Hatch Escapes

Why escape from a room when you can escape into one? At Hatch Escapes, we believe escape rooms are an art. That"s why our rooms are built by professional artists and scripted by a New York Times bests

Evil Genius Escape Rooms

The hallway seemed never-ending. To most people, it was just another hallway leading to another rundown apartment. To you, well, you might as well be falling down the rabbit hole…

The Laboratory Escape Room

The Laboratory Escape Room is like living out a movie! You are immersed in a professionally crafted set that centers around an extremely realistic bomb. Dr Crowl has lured you into his laboratory wher


A group of 2-12 people enter a room and are given 60 minutes to either escape the room or reach a goal.To do this they will solve a series of clues and puzzles with the help of their game master.

Escape House LA

You have found the hideaway house from the zombie apocalypse, when you realize it belongs to the doctor who had found the cure to the apocalypse. He had been living here for months since the beginning

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