A jelly role pan is a type of flat sheet pan that functions a 1-inch rim about the pan’s sides. The is design to make thin sponge or paper cakes that space sturdy sufficient to coat v creme, jelly, or various other fillings and also roll right into a cylinder shape. This pans deserve to be made from a variety of materials, however you deserve to most typically find aluminum or aluminized steel jelly roll pans.

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What are Jelly roll Pans?

Keeping your kitchen stocked with the appropriate types the cake pans deserve to be tricky when there room dozens of ranges available.You might be tempted to instead of the required jelly role pan for another option that is already in your stock, however this might produce an undersized and also overcooked cake. Keep reading to find out what a jelly role pan is offered for, that dimensions, and also substitutes.


Jelly role Pan Uses

Here are few of the most typical ways to usage a jelly roll pan:

Baking rolled cakes: pumpkin rolls, yule logs, jelly rolls, etc.Roasting vegetablesBaking cookies

What are the dimensions of a Jelly role Pan?

Most jelly roll pans room a bit smaller than fifty percent sheet pans, which tend to it is in 13” by 18” and also around 1” deep. There are two common sizes that jelly roll pans: 1/4 size and 1/2 size.

1/4 dimension jelly role pans measure around 9\" through 13\" and 1\" deep.1/2 dimension jelly role pans have tendency to be about 12” by 17” and 1” deep.

Jelly role Pan Substitute

While the is ideal to usage a jelly roll pan if your recipe calls because that it, a half paper pan is a similar option. This gift said, the size of a jelly role pan is ideal for rolled cake recipes due to the fact that its length and also width room narrower than a half sheet pan, yet it is simply as deep.

Using a Jelly role Pan vs. A half Sheet Pan

Baking in a fifty percent sheet pan rather of a jelly role pan could produce a thin cake the cracks or burns.

Most jelly role recipes instruct you come fill her jelly role pan practically to that brim through batter. This to produce a cake that is roughly 1\" tall and substantial enough to organize generous quantities of filling. A broader half paper pan will spread out your batter too thin.

Using a Jelly roll Pan vs. A Cookie Sheet

Cookie sheets aren\"t an ideal for baking jelly role cakes due to the fact that they don\"t have actually a rolled edge to contain the batter.

Cookie sheets room designed without edge to promote also baking the cookies almost everywhere their surface. Often, the term \"cookie sheet\" is wrongly used once referring to a paper pan. And because not all sheet pans have actually the small length and width that jelly roll pans, your finished product may turn the end thinner and drier than supposed if you usage a sheet pan to do a jelly roll cake.

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While jelly role pans look similar to baking sheets, using a fifty percent sheet pan rather of a jelly roll pan might ruin your cake. A jelly role pan\"s distinct dimensions are perfect for offering your sponge or paper cakes the structure integrity they require in bespeak to remain together after filling and rolling. Through a jelly roll pan on hand, you can make the namesake treat there is no worrying around cracking, crumbling, or burning.

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