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Property classHome Furnishing Department Store - One Story (1330)
Weed hazardNo
Year built2001
Square footage93,551

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Sales & Property History for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redonperform Beach

Sales history, mortgperiods, liens, and pre-foreclosures for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redoncarry out Beach. The finish home history is accessible in a solitary area, including buyer and seller indevelopment, thorough mortgage & lien records, distressed building records.

Title Documents for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redonexecute Beach

Records go ago to 1966 and also encompass the finish background of deeds, mortgperiods, assignments of leases and leas, and also more! Plus, scanned imeras of record images are one-click amethod.

Property Taxes for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redondo Beach

Access comprehensive home tax data for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redonexecute Beach. Tax information included: home tax, market value and assessed worth, exemptions, abatements, and assessment background.

Tax year:2021-2022
Property tax:$230,762

Land also value:$10,217,538
Building value:$10,545,178
Market value:$20,762,716

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Special Assessments And Penalties for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redondo Beach

Abatements, financial assistance programs and non-ad valorem taxes levied as distinct taxes/direct assessments are applicable for this building.

CodeDescriptionBill descriptionTax leviedPhone number
06205County sanitation district #5Cnty san dist 05(562) 908-4288 Ext 2727
03694LA county neighborhood park and also open up area districtRposd measure a(833) 265-2600
03071Los angeles county flood controlFlood control(626) 458-5165
00170Los angeles county trauma/emerg SRVSTrauma/emerg SRV(866) 587-2862
23651Redonexecute beach light district #1Redondo bch LGHT(310) 318-0661
23654Redonexecute beach drain user feeRB SWR user fee(310) 318-0661
00177SafeClean water program capital measure W
37581West basin MWD standby chargeWB MWD stdby CHG(800) 676-7516
06111West vector mosquitoLA west mosq ab(310) 915-7370 Ext 223

Assessment History for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redonexecute Beach

Here"s the assessment & property tax history for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redondo Beach, consisting of the development of the full tax price and matching property taxes.

YearProperty classAssessment valueTotal taxation rateProperty tax
2020-2021Home Furnishing Department Store - One Story$20,549,8211.111425$228,396
2019-2020Home Furnishing Department Store - One Story$19,751,8481.109339$219,115
2018-2019Home Furnishing Department Store - One Story$19,364,5581.1066$214,287
2017-2018Home Furnishing Department Store - One Story$18,984,8621.111$210,922
2016-2017Home Furnishing Department Store - One Story$18,612,6101.1172$207,947
2015-2016Home Furnishing Department Store - One Story$18,333,0321.1127$203,989
2014-2015Home Furnishing Department Store - One Story$17,973,9151.1178$200,915
2013-2014Department Store$17,892,6831.1134$199,221
2012-2013Department Store$17,541,8471.1036$193,594
2011-2012Department Store$17,197,8901.1067$190,326
2010-2011Department Store$19,575,9081.0896$213,300
2009-2010Department Store$19,237,6611.0744$206,681
2008-2009Department Store$19,237,6611.06846$205,547

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Permits for 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redondo Beach

Assess the problem of 1519 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redonexecute Beach by viewing the background of permits filed. Permits include details on any kind of type of job-related done in the structure, consisting of building or demolition, plumbing, heating, sprinkler devices enhancements, and also many more.

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Redoncarry out Beach residential sector stats

View a comprehensive actual estate sector overwatch of Redondo Beach and inspect out existing patterns, home values, kinds of properties offered and also transaction volume. View the median residence sale price in Redonperform Beach and also compare it to other cities in Los Angeles County.