Any transactions that have actually been do digitally easily accessible by the county this residential property is located in

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Lamour and also Magia have actually been linked to this deal with through corporate registration records. The alternate variant because that this address is 2694 Marilee La, Houston, TX 77057-4206. The ZIP password for this deal with is 77057 and the postal code suffix is 4206. The address is in the Westside neighborhood. The address has the complying with coordinates: 29.7381817,-95.4986996. Monthly rental prices because that a two-bedroom unit in the ZIP code 77057 is approximately $1,350. That may cost you $1,157 per month to rent a two-bedroom dwelling in Harris County, states HUD. The more quickly internet connection at this attend to is offered by at&t Southwest. Optical Carrier/Fiber to the finish User is a technology used by the ISP to administer connectivity. Declared downstream rate is 1,000 mbit/s, upstream rate is 1,000 mbit/s

Sales and also Prices in the neighborhood in current Years

This chart shows the variety of sales, minimum, maximum and also average prices. The data is based upon a study of information around the nearest 1,500 houses

ZIP code 77057 Rent worths in Feb 2021

Fair market rent worths for properties in the 77057 according to the HUD data

Year0 Bedrooms1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms3 Bedrooms4 Bedrooms

Harris ar Rent worths in Feb 2021

Below space fair sector rent values established by the HUD because that Harris County

Year 0 Bedrooms 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
2021 $893$968$1,157$1,551$1,977
2020 $826$908$1,096$1,485$1,878
2019 $812$907$1,104$1,509$1,897
2018 $772$871$1,066$1,456$1,844
2017 $701$797$976$1,333$1,690
2016 $684$773$948$1,291$1,650
2015 $599$721$890$1,215$1,502
2014 $623$750$926$1,264$1,563
2013 $636$765$945$1,290$1,595
2012 $694$772$937$1,249$1,570
2011 $690$767$931$1,241$1,560
2010 $661$735$892$1,189$1,495
2009 $642$714$866$1,154$1,451
2008 $631$702$852$1,136$1,428
2007 $569$633$768$1,024$1,287
2006 $551$612$743$990$1,245

Internet company Providers (ISP)

A list of carriers that may offer Internet accessibility in this area, according to the FCC reports.The data is hyperlocal, since the area is defined by FIPS 482014313011005

Provider NameTechnologyDownstream SpeedUpstream Speed
At&T Southwest

Southwestern Bell telephone Company, l P

Optical Carrier/Fiber to the finish User

1,000 mbps*

1,000 mbps
ComcastComcast Cable Communications, LLC

Cable Modem-DOCSIS 3.1

987 mbps

35 mbps
At&T SouthwestSouthwestern Bell telephone Company, together P


100 mbps

20 mbps
Viasat IncViasat, Inc


100 mbps

3 mbps
HughesnetHns patent Sub, LLC


25 mbps

3 mbps
At&T SouthwestSouthwestern Bell phone call Company, l P


18 mbps

0.768 mbps
At&T SouthwestSouthwestern Bell call Company, l P

Asymetrical xDSL

6 mbps

0.512 mbps
SkycastersVsat Systems, LLC


2 mbps

1.300 mbps
*mbps — megabits per second. 1mbit = 125 kilobytes

Neighbors\" period Distribution

The graph reflects the distribution of age groups in the neighborhood based upon data for the 500 families located surrounding


Latitude 29.7381817
Longitude -95.4986996
DMS Latitude 29° 44′ 17.4541″ N
DMS Longitude95° 29′ 55.3186″ W
UTM Easting258336.92927104
UTM Northing3292389.2737684
UTM Zone15R
Address FIPS Code482014313011005
State FIPS Code48
County FIPS Code48201
Census tract Code48201431301
Census Block team Code482014313011

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6504 Westheimer roadway Stockyard Bar-b-q, Gabriela Depavia and also two various other residents. Alison together Jones was connected to this place. The home has actually one bedroom and also one bathroom. The floor size is 704 sqft. Parking options: carport. Two suppliers were registered at this address, including Gss Inc, La Trattoria Inc. Carlo Molinaro is linked with this address. Stockyard Bar-b-q is a license holder associated to this address. A loan was detailed to Latrattoria inc by Wells Fargo financial institution National combination
2670 Marilee lane James K Alexander, Sandra Alexander and 55 other residents. Martin D Segel and also Brenda Lefebvre were amongst 216 former residents of the building. Six carriers were registered at this address, including Transcontinental Resources, Maroc global (USA) Inc. Two entities are associated with this address: Basil Narun, Reshma Mehdi. 6 names, consisting of Ivory connection Inc, Ivory connection Inc A Corporation connected to this attend to via UCC filings. Horton Jr Chad L and Vd solutions Inc room licensees linked to this address. Domain ownership information for Linh Nguyen. 2843094 is the USDOT number because that Dependable automobile Carrier gmbh
6506 Westheimer roadway Shelley R Ernstberger and also Jo A Linseisen are the former residents of the building
6516 Westheimer road Nazeer Mazher Husain and also Hanh T Nzuyen were amongst 21 previous residents the the building. Package ID 0410280040153 was registered in ~ this address. Six carriers were registered at this address, consisting of Sports ide Inc, A-1 Vacuum center Inc. 2 entities are associated with this address: Richard F Evans, Hanh Thi Nguyen. Twelve names, consisting of Henri ns Duerinckx Et Al Ptr A Corporation, Henri ns Duerinckx Et Al Ptr linked to this attend to via UCC filings. Teppay Corporation and Sicily Pizza and also Pasta Westheimer Inc are licensees connected to this deal with
6464 Westheimer road Hung V Dang and Rose K Tran were amongst four previous residents of the building. Two names, consisting of Robert Swanson rarely Coin Co, Robert Swanson rarely Coin Co A Corporation attached to this resolve via UCC filings. Domain ownership information for Houston this firm Limo Booking Services and also Registered Owner
2666 Marilee roadway April Burrier, ann F Frambach and four other residents. Esmerald Davila and Robert A Weed were among eighteen former residents that the building
6463 Westheimer roadway Danielle Finnerman and also Shelly C Matthias room the former residents that the building. W & F priceless Jewels Inc to be registered in ~ this address. 3 names, including Diamond jewelry Factory, Diamond Jewelry manufacturing facility Inc attached to this address via UCC filings
2611 Marilee lane Elving E Anderson, Kathi Anderson and also three various other residents. Miguel A Rivas and also Orieta Anderson were among seven previous residents that the structure
6427 Westheimer road John D Mcallen and also Jose Ramos were among five former residents the the building. Package ID 0410280040161 was registered in ~ this resolve
6452 Westheimer roadway Ilean together Kelley and also Carol R Heinrich were among five former residents that the structure
6447 Westheimer roadway Carol A Porter was associated to this place. Three names, including Volando LTD, Sct understand 1 LLC connected to this resolve via UCC filings. Wingstop is a patent holder associated to this address. A loan was noted to Wingstop by First-citizens financial institution & Trust agency
6467 Westheimer road Ben S Alloggio was linked to this place. Suppliers were registered at this address, including standards Billiards llc

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6444 Westheimer roadway Ana Jeanne Villasana was connected to this place. El Patio mexico Restaurant is a license holder associated to this address

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