Nathan Apodaca

Nathan Apodaca aka Doggface208 is a Mexihave the right to male and also from Wyoming, he swarm to fame after his TikTok video went viral where he film himself skateboarding whilst singing Fleethardwood Mac and drinking cranberry juice.

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Till now his video has been watched 16.8Million times on TikTok and has 1.4 Million followers through 17.4 Million likes. He uploaded the video on September 2fifth and within just 24 hrs the video received 4.3 Million views and 950k likes.


Many human being are fallen in love via the video and shared this video on the miscellaneous social media platforms.

Here it is this took off now 2.3million views in 7hrs WOWZA!!!! #420souljahz #ec #high #skaterfoo #pothead #fleetwoodmac #king #stonerfoo #blazed #blazinforonecountry #longboard

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Who is Nathan Apodaca?

He is a Mexican who went viral after posting a video of him drinking juice and also vibing to Fleetlumber Mac on his skateboard.

On TikTok, he has actually 1.4 Million followers and since his video went viral Nathan sassist folks have sent him $10,000 and also thanked them for helping him out during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Nathan sassist the docountries putting in are gonna help him upgrade his busted car and also RV. In an Intercheck out with TMZ, he shelp he resides in an RV through no running water, so he’s parked in front of his brother’s house, wright here he offers the shower and also toilet.

On TikTok, he has gave his PayPal account number and world have the right to assist him gain what he needs. While talking to the publication it’s his daily routine after his change at a potato factory, he shelp.

With the money he got with donation he said will certainly surpincrease his mom via $5,000 and also gifted his Girlfrifinish through a washer and also bought some apparel for his daughter.

doggface208 was introduced to TikTok by his daughters and also aided him film his first video. On Instagram, he has 670k followers throughout the time of creating and his bio reads “My clocks quit at 420.”

Earlier, he offered as Forklift Operator and joined Circle Valley Pro and also functioned there for occasionally, then joined Ft Hall Wildland also Firefighting dept in June 2013.


How old is Nathan Apodaca? He was born in 1983 and from Mexico, he is 37 years old as of 2020.

He is the boy of Toni Apodaca (Father) and Julia Apodaca, he has actually three siblings Nicole V Apodaca (Sister), Eric Apodaca, and also Tony Apodaca.

Talking about his education and learning he attended Skyline High School and also enrolled at Idaho State College, then checked out Eastern Idaho Technical College.


He is a father of two daughters called Angelica Apodaca and also Makyla Apodaca, but tbelow is not much information about his previous connection.

Angelica is the eldest daughter of Nathan and Makyla is the younger one and she is 12 years old as of 2020.

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Curently, he’s in a partnership with a womale (name not available) however will be updated in the future.