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Former Basil Leaf Restaurant, Hwy 22

$15.00/SF (+/-) $3.90/SF NNN; $5,316 Total / month. Spaces obtainable seperately from 1,218 SF to 14,728 SF in Shopping Center.

From Hwy 190 head west, on south side of Hwy 22, Pine Tree Plaza Shopping Center. Formerly the Basil Leaf Restaurant.


Collection Street Cross Street Traffic Volume Year Distance
Emerald Rd Dalwill Dr 19,091 2018 0.20 mi
Emerald Rd W Frontage Rd 18,977 2018 0.25 mi
US Hwy 190 Fairway Dr 50,819 2018 0.84 mi
Emerald Rd Cedarwood Dr 27,926 2018 1.07 mi
Emerald Rd Parkwatch Blvd 21,574 2018 1.23 mi
Ronald Reagan Hwy E Causeway Approach 21,333 2018 2.04 mi
E Causemeans Approach Park Ave 15,900 2018 2.20 mi
I- 12 I-12 43,069 2018 2.41 mi
Florida Street Lafayette St 28,786 2018 2.50 mi
Florida St Adair St 22,519 2018 2.60 mi


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