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Hike come the flow only; the railroad trail is currently closed (See below)

Driving directions

Note: The Salmonberry follow Intergovernmental agency and the harbor of Tillamook Bay rail have asserted the path through the Salmonberry Canyon \"dangerous and closed come the public.\" No Trespassing signs have actually been post at the east and also west end of the canyon. You have the right to still accessibility the Salmonberry Canyon through hiking under the North Fork Salmonberry Road or Beaver on slide Road, yet you can\"t hike the course of the railroad. Plans room being thought about to build a hiking/biking trail v the canyon with the involvement of Oregon State Parks, yet these room in the exploratory stages only.

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Drive west indigenous Portland ~ above Highway 26 for about 40 miles. Simply west that milepost 32, revolve left on come Salmonberry Road. Salmonberry road is pretty well surprise when traveling west. The woodland roads in this area are a maze, but recent signage has actually helped a lot. Collection your pilgrimage meter to 0 and follow the accuse below.

action Odometer analysis Description
10.0Reset Odometer in ~ intersection of highway 26 and also Salmonberry Road. Go south on Salmonberry Road.
21.2Go straight at the junction with section 10 Road.
33.2Stay to the left at the junction through Shires Road.
44.0Go right ahead ~ above to phibìc Fork Salmonberry roadway signed \"NF Salmonberry Road\"
510.2Turn appropriate at one unsigned intersection to continue on north Fork Salmonberry Road
614.6The trailhead in ~ the end of the road

various other Notes

The last pair miles that this road slowly deteriorates. This roadway is passable to all cars, but just barely. Much more ground clearance will make points a many easier.

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