A Matter of Time - HUD clock widgain Ver. 2

» Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:21 am

After tons of positive feedback for the release of the first version, I would choose to go on via a 2nd variation of

A Matter of Time

The existing version have the right to be uncovered right here at Skyrim Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/44091/?

Tright here are also the WIPz and RELz threads of the first versions: http://www.occupychristmas.org/topic/1474570-wipz-a-matter-of-time/, http://www.occupychristmas.org/topic/1475392-relz-a-matter-of-time-a-hud-clock-widget/

Tright here were numerous repursuits from the area and also I"ll attempt my incredibly finest to meet the a lot of of them. I would certainly prefer to use this thread to collect all these requests and store you approximately day about the breakthrough.

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The complying with researches have been made and accepted:):

Display the existing in game date in a lore friendly way.Display the present actual life time and date.Display the current moonphase and the present season (spring, summer, ...) utilizing an iconCreate a new layout displaying the moment of day using a bar favor the compass.Create brand-new themes utilizing a slim design favor the Less Intrusive HUD mod does.

Bugfixes / Improvements

Here is a list of well-known bugs to deal with or enhancements to integrate:

The hotkey likewise functions once a menu is open up (because all widgets are covert while the food selection is open up, you do not view the reaction immediately, yet once you cshed the menu).Some mods readjust the international timescale or current time. After doing that, the moment presented by the widgain deserve to be rather inexact. Add an update after each loading display and also at the beginning and also end of a combat.Add more translations.Use the international font which is offered in skyrim (appropriate currently it is difficult coded)

I"ve not determined what will be component of the next variation, nor if it is variation 2.0 or a smaller variation prefer 1.1.

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If you wish an additional feature which belongs to the mod, don"t be afraid to ask for it . Any various other suggestions are likewise incredibly welcome!

I"ll begin via the initially two bugfixes and also add the brand-new day and time screen afterwards.


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» Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:09 am

Great that you"re continuing to build and enhance this currently superior achievement! Thanks for your job-related on it.Two requests:- A configuration alternative to screen the widacquire for the configured variety of secs immediately eextremely N hours in gametime (wright here N could be configurable between 1 and also 8, for example).- I think this was pointed out prior to, but moon phases would certainly both be valuable (for werewolves) and lore-correct because of the prestige of the moons in Skyrim"s mythology. I remember there"s http://www.creationkit.com/Complete_Example_Scripts#A_helper_script_with_functions_to_get_the_current_moonphase.2C_sync_between_the_two_moons_and_day_of_the_week.Cheers!
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» Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:32 am

Right, I forgained the moonphase in the list, sorry. It"s included now

You want the widobtain to show up after some time instantly, did I acquired this right? May I ask why this is beneficial (I just don"t watch a require appropriate currently however I do not understand all the mods out there


Correct. Well, I wouldn"t desire to overstate its usefulness--it"s mostly a issue of individual choice. If it"s simply not somepoint you"re interested in doing or think would be beneficial for other players, that"s cool.But as to why I"d prefer it: I wouldn"t want the widget on-display all the time--it"s exceptionally pretty, but it does include clutter to the screen, and it"s not indevelopment that I require all the time. And I imagine that civilization in Skyrim, without many type of watches and also clocks yet through long exposure to estimating time, would certainly have an excellent yet not precise notion of what time it is on a minute-by-minute basis. So on one hand also, from the standallude of immersion, mirroring the time as soon as eextremely in-game hour or two simulates that inspecific feeling of time world would have: they can"t just examine their watch (or phone) any time they want to know exactly what time it is, but they perform have actually a general sense of how quickly time passes and also what time of day it is. It"s a method of representing that it isn"t me-the-player, outside the game, pressing a switch to see the time, it"s the character in-game having actually an awareness of time passing. And pragmatically, it does present a means to not have the widobtain on-display screen all the time, however likewise not requiring the player to bind and remember an essential to accessibility the widgain. (I do not usage a gamepad, however for human being that do, spare keys may not be conveniently available/available.)
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