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1. How many type of solutions exist for the triangle where a=3.8, b=14.4, and A=157 degrees?Answer: No triangles2. Use the given measurements to deal with triangle ABC: a=12, b=20, c=14.Answer: A= 36.2 degrees, B=100.3 degrees, and also C=43.5 levels.3. Find the worth of x in the triangle via an area of 81.7 square devices, a=17.5, and b=c=x.Answer: I"m having actually most trouble through this trouble. If b=c then angle B also = angle C. So I supplied the equation to uncover the semi-perimeter: (a+b+c)/2. Then i simplified that to be S=8.75+x. Then I plugged that worth for S into Heron"s location formula: square root . I obtain an extremely odd decimal for x that must be wrong. HELP!!!4. Find c if A=23 levels, a=9, and b=12.Answer: I uncovered that this is an instance of the ambiguous case and that there will be 2 triangles. So I inevitably obtained that c1=18.73 and also c2=3.36.5. A ship travels due west for 83 miles. It then travels in a northern direction for 56 miles and ends up 115 miles from its original position. How many kind of levels did it rotate when it readjusted direction?Answer: A= 110.1 degrees6. Find the location of triangle ABC if A=22 levels, a=7.7, and b=7.7Answer:I found this to be one more example of the ambiguous situation (SSA). Tright here will be two triangles and, therefore, 2 locations. I discovered the area of triangle 1 to be 20.59 square systems. However, I am at a loss regarding just how to find the area of triangle 2. HELP!!!7. A plane travels 110 miles at a heading of North 40 levels West (N40W). It then transforms direction and also travels 105 miles at a heading of N 66 degrees West (N66W). How far is the airplane from its original position?Answer: What I don"t understand about problems entailing bearing is exactly how to discover the angle within the triangle. If the bearing is N40W, execute I subtract that angle from 90 to gain 50? Or carry out I subtract from 180? Same point through N66W. If I might understand exactly how to draw the diagram, then I would certainly have the ability to deal with the trouble. HELP!!!8. IF the area of a triangle is 8.70 square systems and also A=56 degrees and also b=7, discover the size of c to the nearemainder integer.Answer: Using the equation Area=1/2bcsinA, I discovered c to be 3.9. Find the third side of the triangle if A=55 degrees, a=9.4, and b=9.4Answer: If a=b then A have to also = B. Then C need to = 70 levels. Then, making use of the law of sines, i uncovered c to be 10.7810. Two coast guard stations situated 75 miles acomponent on a north to southern line each get a radio signal from a ship at sea. From the northernmost terminal, the ship"s bearing is South 73 degrees East (S73E). From the various other terminal, the ship"s bearing is North 23.4 degrees East (N23.4E). How far is the ship from the southernthe majority of station?Answer: Once aacquire, this trouble faces bearings and also I am at a loss. If I could simply obtain the diagram attracted properly, I think I could number out the rest. HELP!!!11. Find the 3rd side of the triangle via A=34 degrees, b=5, and c=8.Answer: Using the regulation of cosines, I found that a=4.7612. An plane left an airport and also flew eastern for 89 miles. Then it turned northward to North 17 levels East (N17E). When it was 161 miles from the airport, tright here was an an engine difficulty and it turned to take the shortest path earlier to the airport. Find the angle through which the airplane turned.Answer: Aobtain, this problem faces bearing. I really need to understand exactly how to attract the diagram. HELP!!!13. Find the size of the diagonal of the parallelogram through a base of 9.2 devices. The right side of the parallelogram is 7.6 devices. The entire bottom left angle is 65 degrees.Answer: So the diagonal is separating the parallelogram into 2 congruent triangles, right? So, I believe that suggests it is bisection the angle that is 65 degrees and that each triangle is actually made up of an angle of 32.5 degrees. You really only need to resolve one triangle, though. The point is, from what I deserve to tell, that triangle is an instance of the ambiguous instance. So, to recognize the number of triangles, I supplied the formula h=bsinA.

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I discovered h to be 4.94. Then, that implies hI really need help with the problems entailing bearing and the ambiguous case!!!