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Admob is ____.

an ad extensionan app promotion ad formatAdWords’ non–owned and operated mobile app inventorya custom deep link

Correct Answer: AdWords’ non–owned and operated mobile app inventory


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Why get a Google Ads mobile advertising certificate?

Years ago, when I applied for a job, I interviewed several dozen people working in the digital marketing industry to learn about my job and the application process. Many stressed the importance of getting a Google Ads mobile advertising certification.

The truth is that many employers are looking for people with this certificate on LinkedIn to find employees for their marketing team. LinkedIn usually offers a range of talents of higher quality than standard work boards such as Indeed. In addition, the demand for qualified marketing professionals in Google Ads is high, while the supply of qualified candidates is relatively low.

Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to apply for a job with little effort, so employers are swimming in low-quality choices.

To find qualified employees, many hiring managers use the LinkedIn search engine to find anyone with a Google Ads certificate, because it is one of the few defining qualifications that can demonstrate proven knowledge and skills. The certificate shows the hiring manager that you are a little knowledgeable in the industry.

The good news is that many new talents do not have a certificate in their LinkedIn profile or resume because they do not know the value of it. In other words, you can easily stand out if you get a certificate.

Even if you don’t want a role in PPC, certification is still useful for any marketer. PPC advertising , especially through Google Ads, makes up the majority of online advertising. If you understand the principles of Google Ads, you can translate them into other marketing efforts.

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In addition, understanding neighboring areas of marketing helps your communication between team members and empathy. After all, having this certificate under the tool belt will only help you look better for employers.