Our founder Alexandra “Alex” Scott provided us our mission:to uncover cures for all children battling cancer.

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It all started through one front yard lemonade stand also.

When she was simply four-years-old, Alex organized her first childhood cancer fundraiser in her front yard and also raised over $2,000. By the time of her fatality in 2004, Alex raised $1 million and motivated a tradition of hope and cures for childhood cancer. 

Alexandra “Alex” Scott was born to Liz and Jay Scott in Manchester, Connectireduced on January 18, 1996, the second of 4 children. Shortly prior to her initially birthday, Alex was diagnosed via neuroblastoma, a kind of childhood cancer.

On her initially birthday, the medical professionals increated Alex’s paleas that if she beat her cancer it was hesitant that she would ever walk again. Just two weeks later, Alex slightly relocated her leg at her parents’ research to kick. This was the first indication of who she would certainly turn out to be — a figured out, courageous, confident and also motivating boy with big dreams and also significant accomplishments.

By her second birthday, Alex was crawling and also able to stand up through leg braces. She operated difficult to get stamina and also to learn just how to walk. She showed up to be beating the odds, till the smashing exploration within the following year that her tumors had began thriving aobtain. In 2000, the day after her fourth birthday, Alex got a stem cell transplant. She told her mom, “When I obtain out of the hospital I want to have a lemonade stand.” She wanted to give the money to doctors to enable them to “aid other kids, choose they assisted me.” True to her word, she hosted her first lemonade stand later on that year with the aid of her older brvarious other and also elevated an amazing $2,000 for “her hospital.”

While bravely battling her own cancer, Alex and her family ongoing to host yearly lemonade stands in their front yard to advantage childhood cancer research. News spcheck out of the remarkable sick child dedicated to helping various other sick kids. People from everywhere the human being, relocated by her story, hosted their own lemonade stands and also donated the proceeds to Alex and her reason. 

In August of 2004, Alex passed away at the age of eight, discovering that, with the assist of others, she had elevated even more than $1 million to assist uncover a cure for the illness that took her life. Alex’s family members — including brothers Patrick, Eddie and also Joey — and supporters around the people are committed to proceeding her motivating tradition with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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Alex thought that eextremely boy through cancer deserves to have actually treatments and a cure. You have the right to aid make that vision a fact by donating now.