Which of the complying with is not among the categories of production inventory?A.Raw materialsB.Finished productsC. Component partsD. Just-in-timeE. Supplies

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Which of the complying with is just one of the categories of production inventory?A. Economic Order InventoryB. Work-in-processC.Quality unitsD.JIT InventoryE.Re-order point
Firms save offers of inventory for which of the adhering to reasons?A. To keep dependence of operationsB.To administer a feeling of defense for the workforceC.To meet variation in product demandD. To hedge against wage increasesE.In instance the supplier transforms the design
Which of the following is not a factor to bring inventory?A.To provide a safeguard for variation in raw material distribution timeB.To take benefit of economic purchase-order sizeC.To keep independence of operationsD.To fulfill variation in product demandE. To store the stock out of the hands of competitors
When occurring inventory expense models, which of the following are not contained as prices to place an order?A. Phone callsB. TaxesC. ClericalD. Calculating quantity to orderE. Postage
When product is ordered from a seller, which of the complying with is not a factor for delays in the order getting here on time?A. Regular variation in shipping timeB. A shortage of material at the vendor"s plant bring about backlogsC. An unmeant strike at the vendor"s plantD. A lost orderE. Redundant ordering systems
Which of the following is not had as an inventory holding cost?A. Annualized expense of materialsB. HandlingC. InsuranceD. PilferageE. Storage facilities
Which of the adhering to is generally contained as an inventory holding cost?A. Order placingB. BreakageC. Typing up an orderD. Quantity discountsE. Annualized price of materials
In making any kind of decision that affects inventory dimension, which of the complying with prices execute not have to be considered?A. Holding costsB. Setup costsC. Ordering costsD. Fixed costsE. Shortage costs
Which of the adhering to are fixed-order amount inventory models?A. Economic order amount modelB. The ABC modelC. Periodic replenishment modelD. Cycle counting modelE. P model
Which of the complying with are fixed-time period inventory models?A. The EOQ modelB. The least cost methodC. The Q modelD. Periodic device modelE. Just-in-time model
Which of the complying with is a perpetual system for inventory management?A. Fixed-time periodB. Fixed-order quantityC. P modelD. First-in-first-outE. The wheel of inventory
Which of the following is an assumption of the basic fixed-order quantity inventory model?A. Lead times are averagedB. Ordering costs are variableC. Price per unit of product is constantD. Back orders are allowedE. Stock-out costs are high
Which of the following is not an assumption of the standard fixed-order amount inventory model?A. Ordering or setup costs are constantB. Inventory holding expense is based upon average inventoryC. Diminishing returns to scale of holding inventoryD. Lead time is constantE. Demand for the product is unidevelop throughout the period
Which of the following is the symbol used in the textbook for the expense of placing an order in the fixed-order amount inventory model?A.CB.TCC.HD.QE. S


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