Even despite it says evaluation in the title, I’m no music critic and especially not one of Japanese music though that would be quite awesome. I believed I would start writing around some music that i really love or that strike a chord within me. This is among them.

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This track is from the Japanese anime, Tokyo Ghoul, i m sorry I had the satisfied of beginning and finishing a couple of weeks ago. This song serves together the 2nd ending and also is carry out by a guy dubbed amazarashi. The Japanese title is 季節は次々死んでいく or when romanized, Kisestsu wa tsugitsugi shindeiku. I’m a sucker for any song that utilizes the piano and the strings interlaced v rock i m sorry the former is heard indigenous the start. The hefty beats the the north in the song serve as a build up come the chorus wherein everything, the melody, the vocals, the beat, and more come together wonderfully to develop this steady track that dead me away. Admittedly, one time i listened come it, i cried. Ns cried since I can feel the singer’s emotions and desires matching mine.

Main character, Kaneki Ken, in one of the Kisetsu endings

As a struggling poet, i love feather at lyrics to these songs whether they room in Japanese or English. It helps me feel motivated and also resonate through me together a the majority of these text speak come me on a an individual level. The adhering to is 2 sets of text from different parts that the tune that serve as great examples.

In order to uphold the unsteady truth that you’re “you”, your turbulent ego endeavors to despise you. If friend were just able to sing, would certainly the darkness it is in dispelled? your life has actually been left up to a dream rotten in ~ its core.

I attend to a city of taking leave to mine loathsome past;

I have to abandon the continues to be of these disastrous days-these horrid dreams…even if it kills me

In the following life, a flower will bloom to tell girlfriend a city of transition;

Filled through suffering-grieving and also moaning, yet never dice out…even when starved of sunlight.

That ladies and gentlemen space the type of lyrics and poetry that i wish I might write and also yet I believe I will never reach that level. This is why these collection of lyrics speak to me because I’ve been so hard and also so, five so self-hating ~ above myself. I find myself battling my inner demons 24/7 due to the fact that I can’t it is in satisfied with myself. Ns can’t expropriate myself. I really want to let walk of my “loathsome past” and move on come a an ext positive future no matter what problem or hardships occur. I hope i am no the only one the end there prefer this. However I host the hope, similar to in the second set of lyrics that despite drowning in all this negativity, I deserve to still live on transforming for the far better just favor the flower.

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Thank you because that reading and also if interested, the link to the song’s music video clip is at the bottom. Mental you, it come from an anime so the video is a little bit queer however still precious a hear to.