How was her weekend? Mine was shitty. Me and my mam went down with the flu for two weeks and were running 102 fevers, bedridden, and about to tear every other\"s


How was your weekend? Mine to be shitty. Me and also my mam went down through the flu for 2 weeks and also were to run 102 fevers, bedridden, and about to tear each other’s heads off. And also during our first weekend of emotion slightly far better I acquire this dual feature the crap cinema yielded to mine door. Do you remember these two pieces of shit, Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco? earlier in 1992 Amy shot she lover Joey’s mam in the head through ringing the doorbell at their home and also pulling the trigger. The spawned many jokes, my favourite of i beg your pardon was: “Knock, knock. Who’s there? AMY FISHER, BANG! BANG!” The records dubbed her “the lengthy Island Lolita” and for a trashy, high-haired slut through a gun ns didn’t think she was that disastrous looking. Ns wasn’t about to hump she for are afraid of acquiring shot yet from afar she wasn’t bad.

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Fast-forward 16 years to 2008 and this DVD mirrors up in mine mail. Those 7 years in prison must have actually really excellent a number on Amy, since for a 40-year-old she looks worn hard and hung up wet. Not even the tit project or stomach tattoo of butterflies helps she look any kind of younger. Then ns thought, organize on, this girl was only 16 or 17 once this all happened. I saw Wikipedia and also learned that Amy is only two years older 보다 I am! She was born in 1974. She’ll be 34 in August. Ns felt ailing to my stomach.


Have you ever seen that grid that a crackwhore’s mug shots? She starts the end well-put-together and also over the next few years you deserve to see her decompose into a frizzy-haired skeleton. That’s what this reminds me of. That looked favor Lex Luthor shot Amy v an aging gun. Her flabby, gray-haired grandpa of a husband looks ideal in the scene. They’re prefer two senior citizens roll around, giving each various other oral. Ns was wait for them come accidentally shit themselves and also blame the on the dog.

Buttafuoco’s DVD isn’t any much more digestible. Joey looks favor Ron Jeremy if somehow Ron Jeremy might be three times together hairy, four times as round, and also a hundreds times more gross-out. And the thing he’s inserting his prick into needs to be in she 50s and also emaciated, through a terrible tit job—she looks favor someone stuck fake boobs on among the living-dead survivors of Auschwitz. If that assumed doesn’t revolve you on, then probably you should be told that her butthole to be an outy, no an inny. Appears in she younger job this lady must have liked it in the butt as soon as too often and also as a result her ass dropped out. Ever before wonder what will certainly come that these porn gals that insurance claim to be anal monarchs in 20 years? then take a an excellent hard look at this lady’s asshole. It’s a miserable sight—like she had two enormous hemorrhoids and those two hemorrhoids prospered arms and also legs and started a publication club in her ass.

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In summation: These civilization are no sexy, they room the venomous dregs of society, and this is not porn… this is the horror, the horror, the horror.