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When Helena claimed it of Hermia, she didn’t average it kindly:

O, as soon as she’s angry, she is keen and shrewd!She was a vixen once she visited school;And though she be however little, she is fierce.

Certainly Hermia took them as fighting words:

‘Little’ again! nothing yet ‘low’ and also ‘little’!Why will certainly you suffer her to flout me thus?Let me pertained to her.

But at some suggest this century, the last heat of Helena’s quote indigenous A Midsummer Night’s Dream has actually been claimed as a compliment to girl everywhere: And despite she be yet little, she is fierce.

Here are eight methods to decorate your home, your baby, or yourself v this Shakespeare quote:


Perhaps you’d like a rustic wooden sign, $20.


Or possibly a lovely floral print is more your speed, $13.99 and also up.


Go big and go home (see what ns did there?) with this gold wall surface decal, $23.45 and also up.


Perhaps you’d prefer to speak it through a greeting card, $4.06 each.


Dress your little but fierce friend in this beloved onesie, multiple colors, $18.


Maybe you’d likea stamped necklace with your choice of charm, $16.


Or this beautiful stamped cuff, lot of fonts and materials available, $8.45 and up.


Last but not least, to speak it with cross-stitch, sample only, $3.96.

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