While Jennifer Aniston celebrated turning 50 with a star-studded birthday party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday night, her ex-husband, Justin Theroux, hit the tvery own for New York Fashion Week.

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Interestingly sufficient, Aniston and also Theroux announced their break-up after two years of marital relationship last Feb. 15, just a couple of days after Aniston commemorated her 4ninth birthday. This year, 47-year-old Theroux didn"t exactly lay low over the weekend as his ex-wife celebrated her milestone birthday, posing for red carpet images at the Opening Ceremony Lunar New Year 2019 celebration for New York Fashion Week on Sunday. Theroux looked relaxed and also happy, posing with Opening Ceremony designer Humberto Leon and also Leon"s mother, Wendy.


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On Friday night, he attended rag & bone"s Fall 2019 arsenal after-party, where he posed through Atlanta actor Lakeith Stanarea.


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Last October, a resource told ET that Aniston and Theroux are both doing simply fine individually adhering to their break-up.

"Because they separation, her friends think their arrangement to relocate forward in life without one one more was the finest decision for both of them," the resource shelp at the moment. "Neither of them is pining for each other yet instead, finding themselves aobtain."

A resource freshly told ET that ahead of Aniston"s 50th birthday, she hasno hard feelings towards Theroux.

"Breakups are never simple but she truly has stayed positive around the situation," the resource shelp. "She has moved on. She feels she grew more as a person and also learned more from her relationship with Justin than she has learned in any kind of relationship in her life through a man."

"She feels her time through Justin was her deepest, a lot of mature connection," the source added. "While their last year wasn"t basic, they stayed together and also she also learned from that. She feels much better ready now and at some point she will certainly be all set for an even healthier, long-lasting or life time partnership."

Aniston is clearly likewise on great terms through her initially ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Pitt attended Aniston"s birthday party on Saturday, and a source tells ET that 55-year-old Pitt “wanted to support” Aniston because the previous couple has “been friendly” in the years complying with their break-up in 2005.

Of course, Aniston and Pitt weren"t always on the finest of terms complying with their breakup given the scandal that erupted when Pitt began dating his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star, Angelina Jolie, shortly after. Pitt and also Jolie ultimately married in 2014, but break-up in November 2016 once 43-year-old Jolie filed for divorce, and also are still not officially divorced, many thanks to a tense custody battle over their 6 kids together. However, in November, the 2 were able to reach a custody agreement, eliminating the require for a trial.

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On Sunday, Jolie was spotted having dinner via friends at Italian restaurant Rao"s in Los Angeles after her estranged husband also made headlines as a result of his surprise attendance at Aniston"s birthday. The actress appeared to be in a good mood, smiling and embracing her friend as she left.



For even more on wright here Jolie and Pitt"s connection stands more than two years after their break-up, watch the video below: