Are you aca-hyped for Pitch Perfect 2 to hit theaters on May 15? The only correct answer to that question is, obviously, hell yes. But, regardmuch less of exactly how excited you are to be seeing the Bellas go back to the big screen after watching Pitch Perfect at least 1000 times given that 2012, you excitement is nopoint compared to how Ester Dean and also the remainder of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast felt once they obtained the speak to that a sequel was coming. "We were waiting for it — appropriate once Pitch Perfect was done, they began talking around Pitch Perfect 2," Dean tells, "We were all just waiting for it to come with." And, thankcompletely, it did.

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For Dean, Pitch Perfect — and currently Pitch Perfect 2 — mark a vast transition in her career from being a singer-songwriter and also voice-over actor to ending up being a live-action star. The actress, who did voiceovers for Rio and the Ice Era movies and tape-recorded a song for The Lorax before following some advice to seek live-action, states of landing her role in Pitch Perfect, "It taken place so quick. I’d always said that I wanted to be in a movie like Grease, so I manifested it."

But her duties in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 haven"t just brought Dean"s career to the following level, they"ve carried her a handful of great and supportive friends among the increasing young female stars in Hollylumber. "Being in the household is the rewarding part," the actress states — well, that, and also obtaining to view all of her costars and also friends succeed exterior of the Pitch Perfect franchise. "To view everyone thriving external of what they’ve already done — you check out your sisters and also you’re favor, "Oh, you’re all doing it,"" Dean says, "and they hear a song of mine and also they start singing it and you’re just favor, "Yay!""

The bond in between the young, powerhouse female cast plainly runs deep. Dean can"t say enough around just how Chrissie Fit, that plays new character Flo in PP2, cracks her up on collection — "I need to hold myself up bereason she’s just so funny," she tells And don"t even gain her began on costar Anna Kendrick, "I don’t think civilization know just how funny she actually is. I think Anna is the brand-new Tina Fey," Dean claims. "She cracks me up, she’s so witty. She’s my dream celebrity best friend." Honestly, she"s my dream celebrity finest friend, as well.


So, via Pitch Perfect 2 right roughly the corner and also already teasing remarkable cameos, does Dean have a wish-list for Pitch Perfect 3? "You know what would be so cute — the little bit girls from Ellen — Sophia Grace and also Rosie," Dean states. Which, I can"t help however agree, would be freaking adorable. And currently that she"s sang and starred in both films, if Dean might perform a riff-off in actual life, she"s all about going significant or going house. "If I can perform a riff-off and also complete against world, it would be Mariah Carey, Beyas soon as, Patti LaBelle, and Aretha Franklin," the actress claims, prior to adding that she"d throw Katy Perry in ("She"ll surpincrease you.") and Mary J. Blige.

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"That riff-off, with everyone having their very own team, would be epic," Dean states, "I would certainly still roll via my Bellas, but if we can all have acapella teams — I’d desire them to have actually acapella teams — and also I’d want them to go against the Bellas."

And, undoubtably, also via all of those powerresidence female artists coming up against them, the Bellas would probably win.