Steve Perry and Neal Schon created this and played it for the rest of the band on their tour bus, with Schon strumming on acoustic guitar and Perry singing. Keyboard player Gregg Rolie said, "It was pretty evident it might be done real quick."The liner notes to Journey"s Time3 compilation explain: "In the studio, Rolie tried a mellotron on the number and also the instrument showed defective. Co-producer Geoff Workman controlled to correct the sound rather and also, once doubled with Rolie"s consistent organ, the combination developed a distinct sound which, coupled with the stacked background vocals, offered the song a type of celestial ring."
Gregg Rolle"s body organ was double-tracked to create the key-board result. He was going to play a Mellotron, however it maloperated in the studio.

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This was used in the 1980 movie Caddyshack in a classical scene wbelow Rodney Dangerarea dances to it making use of the sound system in his golf bag. The song was used in a tribute to this scene as soon as Dangerfield appeared on The Simpsons in the 1996 episode "Burns, Baby Burns."
This was featured at the end of Charlie"s Angles 2: Full Throttle in the time of a blooper reel with credits.
The song featured in a commercial from State Farm insurance in both spoken word and also musical develop. The ad starts with a "bit journey moment" as a State Farm rep tells his customer, "we"re here, anytime, anywhere, anymeans you desire it," to which his client replies, "that"s the way I need it." Prompted by the quoting of the song"s lyrics, the client shares his endure of seeing a Journey gig prior to the music kicks in at the finish.

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Ken from Louisville, KyThe lyrics were humorously used in a current vehicle insurance commercial. The agent tells the customer "Any means you want it". The customer replies "That"s the way you require it". The agent repeats "Any way you desire it". The customer then asks "Did we just have a Journey moment?". Brent from Denair, CaAgreed John from Grand also Island also. I am a huge Journey fan and have many kind of faves, yet this will certainly constantly be the Rodney song from my all time favorite comedy. "Now I know why tigers eat their young".Barry from Sauquoit, NyThe Dave Clark Five released a totally various "Any Way You Want It" in 1965, it peaked at No. 14!!Melissa from Windsor, CanadaI agree through what some commenters right here have currently said: singing about sex is NOT perverted! Love and sex are components of being alive, so it is just herbal that they would certainly be expressed in song and also various other artforms. I think ACCUSING something of being perverted ssuggest because it has the smallest recommendation to sex is actually even more perverted than the referral itself ... it is prefer assuming that sex is naturally dirty or poor or wrong which is a sick way to look at it. In truth, I that"s specifically what this song is about: sex NOT being wrong or perverted. The song is saying that, whatever your desires, it"s normal. It"s nearly prefer it incourperiods acceptance and also discoureras shame.Paul from Detroit, MiThis excellent tune just reached #23, while their ultra chessy "Open Arms" was a #2 over rated smash? Not fair!Michael from Staten Island also, NyI didn"t really define myself. My bit sister is in love via this song, however has actually absolutely no clue what it is about.Michael from Staten Island, NySal, if that is really is the meaning of the song, I have to go tell my bit sister that. She"s only eight years old that"s a actual fine method to begin. Sorry, next time, I won"t tell a Led Zeppelin recommendation in a Journey song.John from Grand also Island, Ny"So What? So Let"s Dance!".....Al Czervik (aka Rodney Dangerfield). This will certainly forever before suppose Caddyshack to me. Sal from Brenthardwood, NyThe song is and will certainly constantly be about sex. I have viewed many type of interviews wright here they have sassist it. Sorry I carry out not have the dates and times, but it is not perverted and also one hell of a kick ass song.Stu from Philly, Pamy band also Raised On Radio frequently closes a collection via this song, it never gets old.Hannah from Adelaide, AustraliaSome civilization deserve to be so thick.Just bereason it claims "all night" and "host tight" does not expect they"re talking around it in a physical method.>They can intend it emotionally or mentally.It"s a beautiful song and fills me via inspiration.Open your minds or cshed your mouths.Thank you.Landon from Winchester, OhBenny, any kind of fans of Journey"s song will know better than them writing any songs about sex, compared to the noticeable references in today"s rappers and r&b artists.Nancy from Isle Of Wight, United KingdomI need to say I do not think this song is perverted at all, the sex referrals in it are exceptionally mild compared to some songs and also can be interpreted any kind of way you want (excusage the pun). I think the song is more around various other facets of being in love than simply sex as well if you listen to the lyrics.Teri from Ca., CaIn an interview I heard, can not remember which one at the moment, Steve Perry and also some of the various other band also members stated that it was motivated by an insistent groupie who actually said the phrase "anymeans you want it."Benny from Chattanooga, TnOf course this song is about sex!! Big deal!!!Kara from Cadillac, Mi-sanafabich, Santiback, Chile-Not so "innocent"- I did say "everything", definition all of the "loving things". In any type of situation singing about making love doesn"t make you a pervert. People have actually been doing it for centuries; I still don"t think he intended it in a lewd or lascivious method. So, anymeans, whatever, only the writer truly knows; it"s still a great song and also I still love Journey.Michelle Harris from Littleton, CoMy 3rd fave Journey song. I love it. The sound, the lyrics, whatever around this song is good.Alfie from Chelmsford, EnglandThis sing is a Standard, absolutely superb.Sanafabich from Santiback, Chile
kara: yea, best. So that"s why he says: "all night, all night"... you silly inocent rabbitCarrie from Roanoke, VaWasn"t this song in a commercial for a vehicle dealership or Burger King?Cece from Omaha, NeThis is an impressive songKara from Cadillac, MiOk. The song is NOT perverted. You are. It is about a pair meeting, falling in love and doing fun things together. Not simply the sex-related things- whatever. Laughing, singing, dancing - and also the "loving things" He"s talking around spfinishing the majority of time together and also doing anypoint and every little thing together - prefer couples that have simply fallen in love perform. He"s talking around holding onto the love they share- not anypoint else. Tom Mccafferty from Burnaby, CanadaNot as good as, Any Way You Want It, by Dave Clark Five.Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Flok, to contradict myself...this song might be great, yet if you think about it, it has actually a pervy conmessage and is very sick at som points of the songSara Mackenzie from Center Of Nowhere, Fli say that CARES wbelow this song plays and also which episode it"s on? it"s a good song anyways.Nick from Boston, MaThis song was also used on the Simpsons when Homer "kidnaps" Mr. Burns" child, voiced by Caddy Shack alum Rodney Dangerarea.Dominick from Concord, NhI"ll have to disagree with songreality #2. Go to for clarification.Greg"s mellotron may have malfunctioned for this session, yet tright here is definitely some mellotron in this the 0:09-0:10 second note. Maybe it malfunctioned, but probably he obtained enough dvery own to usage here and tright here. I deserve to hear the double tracked B3 too, yet those initially 2 keyboard bursts and also the 9 & 10 second note are mellotron.Don Zapapico from Bakersfiled, Cacorrection, it was played on the simpsons episode wright here rodney dangerfield voices Mr. Burn"s boy, once the kid finds out who his dad is but the dad and also kid are as well various to connect, at the finish of the episode the song plays and everyone in town dances around.Josh from Las Vegas, NvI initially heard it on the skateboard video almost: round 3Mike D from Desoto, MoThis song is additionally provided in simply around ever before car and article office commercialJoe from North Arlington, NjI love this song.Josh from C.p, Mnthis song was likewise offered on the simpsons in the episode were ned and also homer go to LasVegaswatch even more comments
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