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Oh.Love of mine,Won"t you lay by my side,And remainder your weary eyes,Before we"re out of time,Give me one last kiss,For quickly, such distance,Will stretch in between our lips,Now the day"s shedding light.Oh.Bring me your love, tonight.Bring me your love, tonight.Lost at sea,My heart beat is growing weak,Hoping you"d hear my plea,And come save my life,As the storm grew fierce,And hazard was definitely close to,I kbrand-new tbelow was nopoint to fear.Bring me your love, tonight.Bring me your love, tonight.No I am not wbelow I belengthy,Bring me your love, tonight.No I am not where I belengthy,So shine a light and also overview me home.No I am not wbelow I belengthy,So shine a light, overview me earlier home.Oh.
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